KRNT - 1350 Khz


Brief history of KRNT, which turns out to be intermingled with the history of KSO.  In the brief history, there is a fascinating picture of the old KRNT/KSO North Field transmitter site taken in 1936. Both stations moved to the current KRNT site in 1942

KRNT transmitter site today. Note the "museum piece" condition of the old RCA transmitter, still operable until 1993 when the basement flooded and destroyed the plate transformer

Pictures of 1930s KRNT transmitter parts Used at North Field site and later move to SE 22nd and Park. Courtesy of Chuck Brudtkuhl. Chuck removed the old transmitter from the SE 22nd site and has some of the parts as pictured

1940s combination KSO/KRNT farm ad Cowles owned both stations

Early KRNT personality pictures.

KRNT Radio and TV Personalities 40's to 60's

Speck Redd Entertains 1954 KRNT program

Pictures from early Stauffer Communications ownership in the mid 70's

KRNT production outtakes reel from 1970's on Audio Oddities page Also find Steve Gibbons blooper and other KRNT items there

Hear KRNT and Register and Tribune's Gordan Gammck from the Korean War era

Interview with Del Hull, former KRNT Program Director. Audio interview by George Davison

Bill Riley "Hey Bob Show" live children's show from 1949.

Early Bill Riley pictures Party line, etc

Russ Van Dyke on personalities page

Goodyear Blimp promoting KRNT news personalities

KRNT air staff at 1985 Variety Club Telethon

KRNT pictures from the 1980's

KRNT Des Moines Demons Baseball Program - 1957

KRNT Transmitter Site Pictures 1959


Mike Pace aircheck from 1973 (long before Powerball)

KRNT airchecks. Steve Gibbons, Del Hull, Mike Murray, Bruce Fisher and and other airchecks on Around the Dial page


Picture of Gene Emerald 1940's - early 50's KRNT singing cowboy personality

KRNT hand fan probably given away at the fair and/or remotes in the 80's. From Cal Bierman

KRNT Great Songs Great Memories logo used after Saga Communications purchased the station in the 80's. From Cal Bierman.

Tribute to Walt Reno in pictures and sound.

Iowa Variety Club Telethon - 1977 - Dave Johnston calls Joe Lombardo and Ray Dennis

KRNT "Paperboy Weatherman" Kelly Sanner - Part of the Ray Dennis morning show in the 70's

KRNT gives Iowa it's first preview of television -- Iowa State Fair - 1946

Airchecks of KRNT news staff from February 16, 1978.

Sexy spot for Rose Enterprises Love Oil - Barb Chase really turning on the heat. 1978

KRNT Image Voicers 1975-76 done by a big voiced Brad Crandall. Courtesy of Dave Johnston

KRNT advertising promotion piece - 1973 PDF file showing Steve Gibbons, Mike Pace, Del Hull and Cal Stout.

KRNT 1969 Katz Agency audio presentation featuring the station's new contemporary approach.

Steve Gibbons - Pete Taylor Blooper "The S word got on the air


"We're on the air!" One morning in the early 70's, during the Girls Basketball Tournament, KRNT's Steve Gibbons made a "crack of dawn" call to sportscaster Pete Taylorto ask him the pronunciation for a small town team. Pete answered, but the response wasn't what Gibbons expected. Pete Taylor, the Voice of the Cyclones, passed away March 5, 2003.

KRNT's youngest PM drive host - Bob Briggs 1969

KRNT program listing guide - around 1969

KRNT pictures from late 70s - early 80s courtesy of Julie Rutz

Don Thompson on KRNT plus his film career

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