Around the Dial*
misc airchecks and montages


Memorial Day Weekend 1972 - various stations and personalities

Incidental Airchecks - Dic Youngs, Dick Vance and Hal Moor etc.

Rock Montage - 1977 - several stations including rare aircheck from KC-14

Cal Stout Airchecks from various stations

KYNA 93.3


KYNA - Ron O'Brien - 1971

KYNA 93.3 - Composite Aircheck - 1971

KYNA Dickie Shannon - 1971 with great Coca Cola spot

KGGO 94.9


KGGO Bob Valentine - April 1978

KGGO John "Rock n Roll" Anthony - Dec 1977

KGGO Composite Aircheck 1974 - PD Ted W. Scott

KRNT 1350


KRNT Mike Pace - 1973

KRNT Compostie Aircheck - 1969 - Hal Rogers, Del Hull and Bob Briggs

KRNT Compostie Aircheck - 1970 - Steve Gibbons, Mike Murray and Bruce Fisher

WHO 1040


WHO John France "Country Music USA" late 70's

WHO Cal Stout doing a middle of the road music show

KSO 1460


KSO Walt Reno late 1971 - Walt passed away Sept 9, 2002.

KSO - Gary Wade (Ray Dennis) July 17, 1974

KIOA 940 - 93.3


KIOA Jim Michaels August 18, 1966 (Includes Chickenman promo)

KIOA Sandy Shore and Jim Michaels June 21, 1967

KDWZ 93.3


KDWZ Maxwell and Polly "The Morning Thing" Summer of 89

KIOA June 21, 1967andy Shore and Jim Michaels airchecks

KDMG 103.3


KDMG 103.3 Classice Oldies - Lee Githens December 1990 (Courtesy of Chad Michaels)

KRNQ Q-102


Q-102 late 80's airchecks Pete McCrae, Steve Chase, Chuck Knight, Lee Martin and Julie Johnson

KLYF 100.3


KLYF Ken and Pam plus Tim White from 1993

KFMG 94.9


KFMG Steve Brown March 1974 just before call letter change to KGGO

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*Arvin AM/FM table radio (typical 60's radio) picture courtesy of The Radio Attic and Bob Warren