Don Thompson
KRNT Morning Host 1967
Plus a successful film producing career


Don Thompson passed away in 2019 after a career starting in local radio to becoming a producer of full length Christian films.

On Des Moines radio, Don did mornings at KRNT, and later, a mixture of Christian and popular music programs on KRNT, KWKY, WHO and KPSZ. He dubbed it "Music from both sides of the pearly gates." His programs were both entertaining and informative.

In the early 1970s Donald formed a Christian film company, Mark IV Pictures, with Russell Doughten, Jr. Don wrote and directed 12 feature length motion pictures, including the action-packed prophecy series that began with "A Thief In The Night". He also produced eight prime time evangelical television specials for Message for America, with Lowell and Larry Lundstrom, and their families.  

Below, are some pictures from his brief time at KRNT around 1967. He started in mid-days and soon became the morning host when Walt Reno left, later joining Walt at KSO.

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