KRNT Transmitter Site - 1959
From Then 19 Year Old Engineer Jim Stevens


Note from Jim Stevens - now 74 (2013)

You can see both RCA transmitters, the 5 kW main, and the 1 kW auxiliary (an old RCA 1D built-in-place with a linear amplifier). The RCA transmitter control console and an emergency studio desk are both visible. The interior shot shows the clock at 4:45AM, just before Smokey Smith signed the station on at 5:00AM. (Hi and very best wishes to my old friend, Smokey!)

That's me, James C. "Jim" Stevens, the engineer at the controls. I was 19 years old at that time.

Front of Building at SE 22nd and Park

Engineer's console

19 year old Jim Stevens on duty


Jim Stevens adjusting the RCA BTA-5F 5
KW main transmitter


High voltage cage

Backup - old RCA 1-D (built in place) 1kw transmitter (it drove a 5KW linear amplifier when main transmiter)

Inside 1-D backup transmitter

One of the three self-supporting towers


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