KRNT - 1350 Khz
Paperboy-Weatherman Kelly Sanner


In the 1970's, every morning in the 6AM hour, on the Ray Dennis morning show, there was a special on-the-scene weather report called in by "Des Moines Register Paperboy, Kelly Sanner."

Ray filled in for Steve Gibbons on KRNT on September 11, 2003 and was able to find Kelly Sanner, age 42 at the time. Kelly did a weather report for the KRNT listeners that day.

In early 2005, a recording of one of the original Kelly Sanner reports from 1976 (age 15) was found and is included here.


KRNT "Paperboy/Weatherman" Kelly Sanner - as heard in February 1976

KRNT "Paperboy/Weatherman" Kelly Sanner - in 2003



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