Misc Des Moines area stations




Pics of KBAB Indianola - 1977 courtesy of Cal Bierman

KBAB Indianola bumper sticker - 1976

KBAB Remote with Chuch Hamilton - 60s

Pics of KEZT Ames - 1986 - move from Main to 13th St courtesy of Cal Bierman

Radio station schedule from Des Moines Tribune - 1952 - courtesy of Larry Vavroch

KWDM first Des Moines station on 93.3Mhz - 1964-1970

KEZT Cal Stout Ad - 1980's - from Larry Vavroch

KBIG 740 Khz - The Des Moines radio station that almost was.

KDPS Move to 18th and Grand and the New KDPS-TV-1958-59

FM Stereo Comes to Iowa -- 1964 KDMI bebirth of revived KDMI in 1964

Des Moines Tribune Radio Listings June 7, 1966

KFMD to KDMG to KFMG - the many call letter and format changes of 103.3Mhz.

KWMT - Fort Dodge daytime only station for many years -- hear the familiar KWMT sign off jingle.

KWBG - pictures

K-93 Country promo - 1986 just before the call letter switch to KKXI Voice - Steve Mathews. (From Bob Ogburn)

KXTK 940 switch to KPSZ "Praise 940" September 3, 2002. (From Bob Ogburn)

KYNA 93.3 Pams Series 39 jingles - 1971

KYNA Promotional Brochure Early 70's.

KDPS Music Survey Sheet April 1968 The Rich Walls of the Walls and Wiggins Wing it became the famous "Big Ron O'Brien" who worked at many famous Top-40 stations.


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