Radio Schedule Grid
from Des Moines Tribune - 1952

Notice that KRNT, KSO and WHO all simulcast on FM.
Both KRNT and KSO abandoned their FM frequencies in the mid 50's.
WHO-FM held 100.3 until 1973 when the call letters were changed to KLYF.
In 1960, KDMI came on the air on KSO-FM's old frequency of 97.3.
KCBC-FM programmed music and ads to city buses and left the air in 1953.

KCBC had one of the first music and news formats in the country and by the mid 50's
were claiming to have played more songs than any other station in the USA.

WMT, Cedar Rapids, and WNAX, Yankton, SD had ties with the Des Moines Register and Tribune.

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