from Old Tech High at 16th and Center
to 18th and Grand

In 1959, Des Moines Technical High School was moved from the old West High building at 15th and Center Streets to the remodeled Solar Aircraft building at 18th and Grand (earlier and Ford Motor Company plant).

KDPS radio was moved into the new facility and the new KDPS-TV, channel 11 went on the air.

Here are a Series of newspaper clippings and pictures depicting KDPS at 15th and Center and the new TV facility on Grand Avenue.

1958 -- Old 1000 watt Western Electric FM
Transmitter at 15th and Center

Same transmitter

Amateur Radio Station in old facility


Newspaper clippings

August 13, 1958
Summer 1958
December 12, 1958
January 31, 1959
Early 1959
Spring 1959

May 6, 1959
June 6, 1959

Courtesy of Wayne Kochheiser


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