...and now
"The Call Letters and Format of the Week"
"on 103.3"



At least, that's the way it must have seemed between 1988 and about 1992. Whether 93.3 or 103.3 made the most call letter and format changes down through the years is a close call. Also, KDMG is the only challenge that KIOA has ever had to it's dominance of the oldies market.

Here are a series of pictures from that era.

KDMG Gold logo

KFMD changed it's call letters to KDMG and took on KIOA, a well established Rock N Roll and oldies station. KIOA was on 940 Khz at the time.

1990 KDMG Ad

Promo for airstaff during spring/summer of 1990 when "Classic Oldies KDMG" took on "All Oldies KIOA" and robbed it's old airstaff. They also copyrighted the name of Dic Young's "The Original Saturday Night Oldies Show" and KIOA had to temporarily change the name of the show to "The Original Saturday Night Oldies Party."

KDMG Classic Oldies

In early 1991, KDMG made the switch from classic oldies to adult alternative with the image "FM103, Where the Music Comes First"...this is a line up of shows and airstaff.

Early Print Ad for KDMG

Rob Michaels at KDMG 103 Court Ave - 1989

Doing a Remote -Late 1990

Rob Michaels in KFMG Studio - Summer of 1993
(flood waters were into the building)

Front and Back of Rare KFMG T-Shirts From 1995


Pictures Courtesy of Rob Michaels

103.3 is now KAZR 103.3 FM Heavy Rock


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