KWKY - 1150 Khz
(formerly KWDM)


KWKY signed on the air in 1948 as KWDM, owned and operated by George Webber. He sold the station in 1959 and the call letters were changed to KWKY. Webber later put a new KWDM on the air on 93.3Mhz. Much of the old KWDM programming returned to the airwaves at that time. Very little audio exists from those early 1150 days, but we do have a few items.

Les Paul and Mary Ford Promos for:

Friendly Time (hosted by Ford Roberts)

The Bill Dutcher Show

Housewife Serenade

Northern Lights Scandinavian music program intro copy - apx 1950.

Edward R. Murrow note to Ford Roberts -- 1948.

KWDM promotional clock - for pipe shop in Ames, Iowa - 1953

KWDM Daily Temperance Program Ad


Truth or myth? It has been said that former NBC Tonight Show host Steve Allen worked at KWDM -1150AM while attending Drake University in Des Moines. Dates unknown. (from Max Rauer, who hosted the noon time Polka show on KWDM) Unfortunately, when asked that question several years ago, Steve didn't remember ever working at KWDM and didn't recognize the call letters. He did say that he worked part-time at WHO while attending Drake.



The KWKY Top 40 days Read about some great promotional stunts and how they made the call letter/format switch in 1959. Hear Pachalafaka, the song that played for 48 hours on KWDM.

KWKY Country Music Survey 1962 The station had a long and successful run with the Country format from 1962-1976.

KWKY Pepper/Tanner Country Jingles - believed to be the first Country jingle package ever produced. Courtesy of Bob Ogburn

KWDM/KWKY country personality Smokey Smith

KWKY fire - 1977

KWKY Norwalk Transmitter Site Was studio and transmitter from 1970 to 2012. Courtesy of Andrew Houp.



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