Smokey Smith
Des Moines Greatest Country Music Promoter

Smokey Smith photo from CRB site



Smokey Smith entertained the people of Iowa both on the radio and through the sponsorship of live Country Music concerts, many of which were held at the KRNT Theatre. Smokey was heard on KRNT, KWDM (now KWKY), KWKY, KNIA (Knoxville, IA) and had a live Country Music TV show on KRNT-TV in the 50's.

Here is a link to the Country Music Broadcasters Association and a brief biography of Smokey.

Smokey Smith profile

Smokey at a 1962 KWKY remote from the Iowa State Fair


Smokey Smith passed away on February 3, 2014. Smokey's funeral program


Smokey Smith Pictures

KWKY promotion piece from the 1960's



Smokey Smith show intro - KRNT-TV from the 1957 Iowa State Fair


Pictures and audio courtesy of Smokey Smith (retired in Des Moines)


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