KWDM - 1150 Khz (1948-1959)

Promotional Clock - 1953

This is a picture of a KWDM promotional clock found at an estate sale in the Twin Cities. It was in a package addressed to "John Stuckey Ames, Iowa" and dated 1953. Most likely, it was a promotional clock given to KWDM advertisers to display in their stores. 1150khz had a strong signal in Ames both in the day and nighttime, so it is likely that the College Pipe Shop was an advertiser.

Courtesy of Mark Evans

Another KWDM Clock

This clock resides on the wall in the electronics shop at Triad AV Services.  It is not identical to the clock above but was probably used for the same purpose, as a gift to an advertiser with the hope that they would display it in their shop.  This one has a moving light effect in the inner ring.  Audio Visual Service must have been the name of the sponsor's business.

Courtesy of Dick Trump



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