The Famous "KIOA Nine Forty" logo

Throughout the years, KIOA had many jingle packages and the station signature logo took several forms. One of the longest running logos was the familiar "KIOA Nine Forty" logo from Pams Productions of Dallas Texas. Although KIOA was one of the first stations in the country to use that logo, it originated at KLIF in Dallas/Ft Worth and later became the signature for the Pams Corporation itself.

Peter McLane purchased the first jingles using this logo around 1965. The first cuts were from Pams Series 17. Peter purchased a lot of jingles from Pams down through the years and even bought a few jingles from other companies, but still used the KLIF logo.

No other logo lasted as long at KIOA and the "KIOA Nine Forty" is as legendary as the station itself and is synonymous with it.

This montage starts with series #17 and features many of the familiar KIOA jingles of that era. Series #27 (The Jet Set) featured a male group singing the lyrics with an incredible soprano as part of the accompaniment.

The KLIF logo was used in most of the jingles, but toward the end of the montage, there is a variation of the logo. The logo was just about gone by the late 70's, but returned for a while when the station switched to the Oldies format in 1986. Pams Productions went out of business in 1978. The oldies cut featured at the end of the montage was done in the early 90's and was produced by a company other than Pams.

The oldies 93.3 KIOA jingles currently in use utilizes a modified version of the KLIF logo. As sung, the "KIOA" starts off like the old logo but ends in an upward note rather than the almost mysterious inflection of the legendary logo.

KIOA 940 jingle montage with the Pams KLIF logo.

KIOA Pams Series 2 Jingle. This will show how far Pams advanced through the years.

Courtesy of Peter McLane (montage produced by Bill Shannon)

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