KIOA - 940 Khz
(now 93.3 Mhz)

KPSZ 940 (previously KIOA) transmitter site A pictorial tour of the site. The station operates with two separate directional patterns. It uses two towers in the daylight hours and six towers at night, running 10,000 watts by day and 5,000 watts by night. The old RCA transmitter is almost identical to the "museum piece" found at the KRNT site. The difference is that KIOA's was capable of 10,000 watts (KRNT's was 5,000).

KIOA soon to go on the air December 19, 1947 article.

KIOA goes on the air. Des Moines Register ad from April 25, 1948.

KIOA sign-off from Apr 1953 recorded by Lee Harris.

"New KIOA" ad May 12, 1957 -- just after May 1 switch to Top-40

May-June 1958 Hooper Survey The "New KIOA" format was just one year old and a fantastic success according to this Hooper Survey. (Courtesy of former KIOA program Director Larry Monroe).

1958 Doug and Don MacKinnon in front of soon to be KIOA studios


KIOA Good Guys Promo: Hear Sandy Shore, Peter McLane, Phil Thomas, Hal Moore, Stu Adams, Jim Michaels and Tom Rhoads. See the December 5, 1964 Survey Sheet to match the promo.  Front   Back with pictures of Good Guys Promo courtesy of Bill Shannon, survey from Stu Adams.


KIOA Guy Stu Adams - April 1964

Defining Moments of the 60's at KIOA by "KIOA Good Guy" Stu Adams.

KIOA Good Guy Pictures - appx. late 60's -- thanks to Dic Youngs.

Part of a 1964 KIOA newscast with Bob Betts/ It is somewhat historic in that The Des Moines Transit Company just had announced that the electric curb-liner buses would make their last run in a few days aand be replaced by diesel buses. Last summer, this writer saw an authentic Des Moines curb-liner in an Illinois railroad museum. The museum runs the curb-liners on weekends.


KIOA News Intro/close 1961. Larry Monroe. Contains Super Value spot at end.

Russ Levine mobile news report July 4, 1961 weekend interview with Sheriff Wilber Hildreth, recorded off the air on an old acetate disk recorder at the KWBG transmitter site in Boone by Mark Braun, who was living at the site. Courtesy of Mark Campbell.


KIOA Night Hawk Klub Russ LaVine's Hawkeye Nightline - 1961

KIOA Sounds from 1959 - this is cool stuff from old acetate discs.

Phil Thomas newscast - 1969


Pictures from 215 Keo studio - 1973

Pictures from 215 Keo Studio - 1986 93.3 was KKXI and the format was Country. Courtesy of Cal Bierman

More 215 Keo pictures and comments from Steve Dahlman

Pictures of Pleasant Hill KIOA/KDWZ studios plus Adventureland remote studio, 1991-92. Courtesy of John "Bosco" Kosobucki. Bosco was chief engineer of the stations under the ownership of Duke Wright in the 80's up until the mid 90's.

1987 - KIOA 940 in Des Moines is first digital AM station in the World. See picture and article about Harris DX-10 prototype and beta test.


KIOA Music Survey Sheets

KIOA Jingles


Listen to KIOA Jingles

KIOA Personalities


KIOA Personalities Profiles, pictures and sounds.

The KIOA Good Guy Reunions

More Pictures and Sounds

KIOA Gold Brick that survived from a late 1950's promotion.

Audio Voyage to 1958 KIOA "Color Radio"

Feb 3 1959 Frosty Mitchell News Report

Pictures of KIOA's 8th and Keo studios mid through late 60s

More Pictures of 8th and Keo Broadcast House studio and Jim Michaels

KIOA RL Polk City Directory ads - mid 60's

KIOA blazer pocket patch - date unknown.

Ronn Pepper and Doug MacKinnon with Miss Iowa - 1961 or 62.

KIOA Dick Clark Caravan of Stars - 1964 Ad on back of survey sheet.

KIOA jock lineup Ad from January 1963.

KIOA at the 1960 Iowa State Fair Remote from Communications Building - 1959.

Phil Thomas in the KIOA newsroom late 60s.

KIOA Airchecks Sep 30, 1964.  Sandy Shore, Hal Moore, Bob Burlingame and Phil Thomas.

Bwana Johnny on KIOA/KMGK Oct 17, 1977.  Johnny passed away October 2005. Aircheck courtesty of Greg Barman.

The Ole Youngster's 40th Anniversary -- on KIOA. Check for updates!

KIOA air staff pictures from early 80's

KIOA pictures -- mid 80's

KIOA Amazon Ace bus ad -- 60's

KIOA Good Guy Logo Sign Signed by 80's Good Guys.

KIOA Good Guy Charm - courtesy of Nancy Crowfoot

KIOA -- Buying a Whole State ad 1973

KIOA - Bikeathon 70s

KIOA late 50s Print Ad

KIOA "Heavy Hitters" softball team and KIOA/KMGK "High Hoopers"


KIOA FM Legal ID - 1974 Narative and sound. Before KMGK and KDWZ


KIOA/KIOA-FM Voicers - 1991. Narative and sound - right after switch from KDWZ.

KIOA Del Monico Newscast 5:45 pm August 2, 1971 -- "moon-walk"

KIOA Bill Shannon October 30, 1990 - shortly after starting
simulcast of 93.3 FM and 940 AM. Courtesy of Chad Michaels.


Art Jones from Aug 6, 1972 and also, a short profile and legal ID jingle.

Misc KIOA airchecks of jocks and composit airchecks.


KPSZ now occupies 940 Khz. See station timeline.

KIOA is now on 93.3 Mhz.



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