KIOA Jingles
by Ray Dennis

This first jingle is a hoot!

KIOA pre-Top-40 jingle. Probably from KIOA "Town and Farm" Radio days - prior to 1957. Courtesy of Bob Ogburn.

Early KIOA Jingle from around 1957.

CRC Color Radio jinlges 1958

KIOA pics a hit jingle from IMN.

KIOA Jock Lineup by Futuresonic Voices of Skip Nelson, Lew Jones, Larry Monroe, Mike Henry, Ronn Pepper, Chuck Hamilton and Ken Lee.

Pams "Solid Rock in Iowa" long jingle from the 1970s.

KIOA Song Parady Jingles for 1960-61

Pams tape box cover

The Legendary KIOA Nine Forty logo Story and super jingle montage.

KIOA Series 15 "Yours Truly KIOA." Popular early 60's package used by many stations including WHB in Kansas City


KIOA Series 17 Mid-60's - KIOA's first use of the "KLIF" logo and "Good Guy" image. Note that the last cut is in Spanish. KIOA perpetrated a hoax; "Keep bull fighting out of Iowa," and during that time, they dropped the Spanish cut in on the air periodically.


KIOA Series 27 Mid to late 60's. The greatest Top-40 jingle package ever produced (Ray Dennis opinion), utilizing all male singers singing the lyrics with a distinctive super-high soprano (American Indian lady) in the accompaniment.


KIOA Series 27 Good Guy Weekend

KIOA Holidaze holiday cuts with mixed group rather than all male.

KIOA Series 27 re-sings. For cash call - etc.

KIOA "Home of the Goodguys"

KIOA Jock cuts - 1971

KIOA Solid Rock - 1972


The above Pams cuts were dubbed from reel to reel master tapes, courtesy of Peter McLane. and represent cuts from the packages that selected to exhibit at this time.

Editor's note: The actual tape was in excellent condition but the cuts were divided with leader tape and some of the splices came apart making it necessary to get out the splicing tape, razor blade and splicing block. Finding a roll of splicing tape in 2003 Des Moines was quite a trick.


More KIOA Jingles

Fun radiates Around KIOA - Series 27

Re-sing of KIOA Treasure Chest Jingle - "Da Da" - Series 17

Infamous KIOA High Hoopers Basketball Jingle - Pams 1970s.

KIOA JAM Productions Jingles early 90s


Oldies jingles from the late 80s and early 90s.  940 AM and transition to AM?FM simulcasting.


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