You are probably wondering what in world we are calling an "incidental-aircheck." These clips were not intentionally recorded as airchecks. These recordings were made by a listener who's reason for taping was solely to copy the songs. The air personalities voices were incidental to the recordings.

You will notice that these clips are very short and are chopped off in some places. The good news is that these treasures were preserved throughout the years, even if only by accident. Recordings from that era in Des Moines radio and especially KSO, are very rare.

Both Dic Youngs and Hal Moore started at KSO very young. Dic was in high school and Hal was attending Drake University. The clips of Dic and Hal were made from the KSO Fish Bowl at 1910 Ingersoll in the Spring of 1960.

Bob Ogburn acquired these recordings for us and he told me that he had to pay someone for them. Another thank you goes out to Bob.


Dic Youngs KSO - 1960

Hal Moore KSO - 1960

There were other similar incidental airchecks of other air personalities from both KSO and KIOA on the tape and some of them are here for your enjoyment.


Skip Nelson KIOA - 1960

Dick Vance KSO - 1960

George Greg KSO - 1960


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