KIOA 215 Keo Newsroom Pictures

KMGK Control Room

KIOA/KMGK News Studio


Notes from contributor Steve Dahlman (KIOA News mid-80's)

Attached are two photos I took with the cheapest camera I could find of the
facility at 215 Keo Way. Studio "A" is where we did most of the newscasts.
There was a table to the left of the board, for interviews -- or let's say
there are two people doing the news, that's where one of them would sit.

I really don't know when these were taken, but I'm guessing closer to 1983.
It was before Sonex acoustic foam was installed.

The Studio D picture is looking from the news room into the central hallway
and part way into the main air studio. This was an alternate news studio
for things like traffic reports. You'll notice the obligatory
chain-smoker's ashtray.

Steve Dahlman


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