"KIOA Good Guy Steve Heefner"

Steve Heefner was one of the early KIOA jocks, working at the station as an air personality in the 1959-1961 era. Steve attended several of the KIOA Good Guy Reunions in the 80's and early 90's and still has family in the Des Moines area. After leaving KIOA, Steve moved on to bigger and better opportunities on the West Coast as did several other early KIOA personalities.

Steve with Conway Twitty

KIOA Hi Hoopers Lee Western, Doc Lemon, Frosty Mitchell
Steve Heefner and Doug MacKinnon

1959 - Steve with girl's basketball team and other KIOA Hi Hoopers
(Lee Western, Doug MacKinnon, Frosty Mitchell and Doc Lemon -laying in front)

Vet's Auditorium - 59 or 60 - Lloyd Price Concert - Steve, Doug MacKinnon
Bob Baker, Lee Western and Mike Henry. Lloyd Price in front middle.

Lee Western and Steve Heefner with model - 1959



Courtesy of Steve Heefner and Doug MacKinnon


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