Historic Des Moines Radio People Luncheon
Noah's Ark Restaurant - May 28, 2004
by Ray Dennis

Dick Vance, former Des Moines radio personality, program director of KSO and former owner of KDMI while visiting his home of Des Moines invited a number of Des Moines broadcasting people he knows and several that he worked with down through the years. Memories were shared and several interesting and extremely funny stories were told. The highlight of the meeting was Michele Reno Brown joining the group and sharing stories about her father, the late Walt Reno. By the way, Dick Vance, the "Daddy-oh of the Radio" picked up the tab.

Dick Vance - PD KSO, Owner of KDMI

Phil Thomas - News/DJ KSO, News KIOA and WHO-TV Anchor

Bill Patterson - Sales at KIOA and KSO

Max Rauer - KWDM, KSO, KRNT and KRNT-TV

Steve Brown - Iowa Rock N Roll Music Association - Director

Michael Woltz - Iowa Rock N Roll Hall Music Association - Director

Michele Reno Brown

Max Rauer - Ray Dennis

Dick Vance and Phil Thomas

Dick Vance and Bill Patterson




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