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Gravesend Manor

Saturday Night Horror Film Show


"Goood evening, this is Malcom the Butler"

Every TV market had one, a late night horror movie show. Many of them had a local host or hosts and put on a production to introduce and fill the breaks in the film.

Des Moines has WOI-TV's Gravesend Manor.  Malcom the Butler, Ed Wiess, was the host of Gravesend Manor. His original co-host was known as Claude, Ron Scott, later joined by Claude's brother, Clyde, player unknown. The show started somewhere in the late 50's, left the air for a period in the early 60's and came back for another run in 1964. Several years later (date unknown), Ed Weiss put on a wig and came back for a short time as the Son of Gravesend Manor.

We have learned, thanks to Cal Bierman and Pat Powers that a small amount of video does exist. Outakes from the show were featured on a Living in Iowa program on IPTV a few years ago.


The primary cast in 1964

Esmarelda (on the right) was added later in the 60's

Promotional postcard for "Son of Gravesend Manor"

If anyone has any other pictures or material from the series, would appreciate your help.


Pictures courtesy of Terry Yakish and Mike Arnold


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