WHO-TV Channel 13
Iowa State Fair Promotional Poster 1980

In 1980, WHO-TV gave fans at the Iowa State Fair the colorful poster BE THERE ON WHO-TV with photos of local news and NBC network stars of the Fall television season. In the upper left corner are news anchor Mike Keen, Sports director Jim Zabel, and reporter Paul Long. Below them, clustered around Duane Ellett & Floppy are news anchors Trina Creighton and T. J. Beer. In the top right corner are chief meteorologist Mike Lozano and news anchor Kate Sullivan. Beside them are sports reporters Ron Stoltz and Tony Powers. Below Kate Sullivan is reporter Mark Bedore. Below Tony is news reporter Sue Breding.
Phil Thomas, who was news director at the time, points out that among the many career successes of this staff, he is especially proud of Trina Creighton, who is a broadcast journalism professor at the University of Nebraska.


Courtesy of Phil Thomas


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