"KRNQ Rock in Stereo" Jingles

In the fall of 1974, Stauffer Communications purchased KRNT and KRNT-FM from Cowles Communications.

Cowles had put KRNT-FM on the air in 1970 and had run various automated formats until the sale to Stauffer. Stauffer changed the call letters to KRNQ, with the nickname of Q-102 and purchased the TM Rock In Stereo automated programming package, which was produced by programmer George Burns (not the Gracie Allen George).

Q-102 automation equipment (apx 1976)

Here is a short montage of the "Rock In Stereo" jingles. Special thanks to Brian Davis for providing the excellent quality dubs from the 15 IPS master tapes.


KRNQ Q-102 Rock in Stereo jingles


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