Russ Van Dyke
Misc Pictures

Young Russ - date unknown

There is much to be done on Russ' biography, but for starters, we are displaying a few pictures of Russ, found in a file cabinet in KCCI's basement.

Russ Van Dyke "Wanted" promotion


Speaking for Kiwanis Club


Russ receiving an award


Russ' 20th anniverssary at KRNT cake (anybody know the date?)


Getting 20th anniversary watch


Novelty shot with AE props


On the air shot - Russ at the famous KRNT-TV mystery weather map

Note: Russ actually faced the map in the correct orientation. The picture was then reversed electronically.


Connie McBurney with an older Russ at the retired weather map


Another picture at the map


How the map actually worked - video was reversed
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