Previous Additions


Mar 03 Studio equipment from KIOA, KMGK and WHO - 1975-76 George Nicholas has provided some interesting pictures.
Mar 03 Rare pictures from KSO in 1967 Bob Briggs worked at KSO at the young age of 16.
Mar 03 KIOA Good Guy charm on a chain Courtesy of Nancy Crowfoot.
Mar 04 Specifications for 2,000 ft KCCI tower - 1974 The original installation collapsed during installation due to weather and was replaced.
Mar 08 Doug and Don MacKinnon in front of Tromar Skating Rink 1958 soon to be the new KiOA studios at 5th and Park.
Mar 30 KRNT Program listing guide a;round 1969 It looks like it was a handout and/or mailer - courtesy of Bob Briggs.
Mar 30 1969 Bob Briggs 18 year old PM drive host on KRNT Some pictures and ads about Bob and 1969 KRNT.
Oct 04 KIOA Peter McLane introducing the Fabulous Flippers Regional brass rock garage band - live concert inro for very popular group.
Oct 04 WHO's "Radio Tradio" with Steve Locker Steve mixed humor and drop-ins with the buy and sell items.
Nov 12 KIOA "Heavy Hitters" softball team Also combined KIOA/KMGK "High Hoopers" basketball team.



Feb 02 Video of 1977 WHO-TV EyeWitness News 6pm with Phil Thomas, Greg Burden, Mike Lozano and Jim Zabel
Feb 11 1981 KGGO remote From Sorensen's Fitness Center.  Does anybody know Doug or Paul's last name?
Apr 08 KRNT studio pix 1975 New Custom McCurdy board in control room and Van Harden in production studio.
May 09 KSO Jock Lineup Winter of 72-73 The Rock of Des Moines promotional piece with the Des Moines Capitols
Aug 05 Be there on WHO-TV souvenier poster from the 1980 Iowa State Fair
Aug 17 Demoliton of KRNT Theatre and KCCI-8 Studios 1985 at 8th and Pleasant St.
Aug 17 1946 Closed Circuit Preview of Televison at the Iowa State Fair KRNT radio had RCA bring in equipment for demonstration
Aug 17 Inteview with Ray Dennis and Bob Cannon on Iowa Public Televsion about 1946 State Fair TV demonstration
Aug 29 KDPS DM Public School Station Music Survey APril 1968 The Rich Walls referred to there later became the famous Ron O'brien of Top-40 fame
Aug 29 KSO 1937 Promotional Game Card It looks like a bingo type game card
Oct 18 Misc Music Survey Sheets from Lisa Wheeler KIOA KSO KWMT
Oct 18 Dwight Herbert luncheon/reunion July 8, 2016 - several of the KYNA staff and others were there. Aircheck of Chuck Morgan
Nov 04 WHO WWII Pacific Battle Map Front and back of Rand McNally map. Back shows station news schedule.



Feb 11 KIOA Art Jones Aircheck and Jingle August 6, 1072. Art passed away in Feb 2015.
Feb 12 KRNT 1969 Katz Agency audio presentation featuring the station's new contemporary approach.
Feb 12 KIOA Late 50s Print Ad Probably 1958 or later as it indicates 215 Keo address.
Feb 12 KIOA 1999 Iowa State Fair Dic Youngs with Dick Vance and Frosty Mitchell.
Mar 31 KWKY Transmitter Site in Norwalk Taken in 2013 previously studio and transmitter.  Studio moved downtown in 2012.
Apr 24 KWKY After the Fire Control room shot after the 1977 fire at the Norwalk studio/transmitter.
May 02 Station Timeline update Timeline updated to reflect recent new stations and frequency changes.
May 25 WHO 1937 brochure Pictures of the facility and personalities from that golden era.
Aug 21 KWBG Boone Staff - 1965 The staff in 1965 including Gary Price who became Program Director of WCFL in Chicago.



Feb 12 Smokey Smith section updated Smokey passed away on Feb 3, 2014.
Feb 21 Station timeline updated 104.1 KLTI-FM call letters changed to KMYR.
Feb  21 Station timeline updated WHO granted 93.7 for 250 watt translator to simulcast.
May 17 "Another Broadcast Day" Recordings of station sign-on and sign-offs.  Many Central Iowa radio stations from the 50s through the 80s.
Jun 22  WHO Duane Ellett and Russ Odegaard 1971 announcing re-play of old Lum 'N Abner program.
Jul 02   KSO - Phil Thomas long theme jingle CRC - typical show opener for the era.
Jul 19   KSO - Jock lineup from very early 60s The likes of Hal Moore, Dic Youngs, Dick Vance, George Gregg, Ed Roberts, Bob Baker and more.
Aug 23 Great Country KSO's T.G. Captain The Date Connection and more from the 1980s.
Dec 05 Pictures of KIOA 215 Keo Studios- 1973 Courtesy of the Late Bruce Allen's family.



Feb 18 1937 Iowa Barndance Frolic Picture Book 32 page souvenir book.
Feb 18 KFMG - Steve Brown March 1974 -Just before call letter change to KGGO.
Feb 18 KIOA Jingles With Voice Over Voice added to indicate 93.3 simulcast.
Feb 20 1933 Launch of WHO-WOC 50 KW Transmitter in Mitchelville Article from Broadcast News.
Feb 21 Another KWDM 1150 Advertising Clock This is the 2nd KWDM clock we have found.  Used as gifts to sponsors.
Mar 27 Pictures From the Kickoff of Q-102 Going Live Believed to be September 1984 - the Schaeffer automation system was replaced by this staff.
Mar 27 WHO Promotional Hand Fans Probably used at the Iowa State Fair.
Mar 29 WOI and WOI-TV Early Programming Pictures and descriptions from both radio ant TV - link to Ames Historical Society site.
Mar 29 WOI-TV Switch from Channel 4 to 5 - 1954 Pictures and story - link to Ames Historical Society site.
Apr 08 KSO 1947 Promtional Picture Book A look into KSO in 1947.
Apr 09 WHO Picture Book From the Late 30s 48 pages of history and memories from that era.
Apr 09 WHO The Songfellows Pictures, newspaper article and pictue postcard of "The Chore Gang" from 1949.
Jul 24 Eyewitness guys of the 70s at WHO-TV The evolution of the Eyewitness Team.
Sep 01 KRNT Transmitter Pictures from 1959 Taken by 19 year old engineer Jim Stevens.
Sep 02 KWDM 1150 Temperance Program Ad Shortly after KWDM went on the air in 1948.
Sep 14 WHO Radio Mid 70s News Air Staff Ad Featuring Bob Wilbanks, Ev Hickman, Gus Horn, Don Nickerson and Lloyd Patterson


Mar 08 KBAB 1490 Indianola bumper sticker - 1976 Celebrating the Bi-Centennial.
Mar 15 KCBC 1390 program log form
Apr 10 "Speck Redd Entertains" 1954 Excerpts from Speck's KRNT radio program with Gene Emerald.
Jun 08 KIOA Bikeathon - 70s KIOA Good Guys and their bikes
Sep 04 Iowa Barn Dance Frolic postcard Cliff and Helen Postard - 1949
Sep 04 1930s KSO postcard Charlie Flagler
Sep 04 KBAB Remote 60s Chuck Hamilton on top of the station VW van


Sep 15 WOI-TV program guide from 1952 "TV Televiews" from Feb 1952. WOI-TV was on channel 4 at that time.
Oct 25 KIOA Jun 21, 1967 Sandy Shore and Jim Michaels airchecks.
Oct 25 WHO 1966 NAB Convention Ad in special edition of Broadcasting - at bottom of WHO main page.


Feb 16 KRNQ/Q-102 airchecks from the late 80's Pete McCrae, Steve Chase, Chuck Knight and Lee Martin.
Feb 22 KLYF 100.3 - airchecks from the mid-90s Ken and Pam in the morning with Captain Jack traffic. Tim White.
Feb 22 KLYF 100.3 - airchecks from the mid-90s Ken and Pam in the morning with Captain Jack traffic. Tim White.
Mar 15 kIOA Oldies jingles and IDs - JAM Productions Early 80s while still on 940AM and transition to simulcasting on 93.3 FM in 1990.
Mar 15 KDWZ 93.3 legal ID - 1988 KDWZ had a short run on 93.3 between 1986 and 1990.
Mar 31 More KSO Tom and Jerry Pictures A few more pictures courtesy of Dennis "Jerry" James - some duplicates but some better copies.
May 12 1989 KIOA Good Guy Reunion AW Pantoja and friends - on the air.
Jun 03 KWDM 1150 promotional clock For the College Pipe Shop in Ames - 1953.
Aug 16 Pictures from the 2010 Des Moines Radio Homecoming Legends in Pleasant Hill - June 5, 2010.
Sep 05 1938 Broadcasting Yearbook Items concerning Des Moines stations of that time.
Sep 05 KRNT advertising piece Promoting Steve Gibbons, Mike Pace, Cal Stout and Del Hull.
Oct 09 Cal Stout - WHO 1967 Cal doing a middle of the road music program.
Oct 09 Gary Wade (Ray Dennis) - KSO July 17, 1974 Morning drive - early in Country format.



Jan 15 Farm Radio Legend Herb Plambeck Short biography - he did a lot more than farm broadcasting.
Jan 18 KIOA Jock Lineup Jingle - 1961 Voices of Skip Nelson, Lew Jones, Larry Monroe, Mike Henry, Ronn Pepper,
                                            Chuck Hamiton and Ken Lee.
Jan 18 Sign off for Old KIOA apx 1953 Town and Farm, Inc owned the station.   Lee Harris did the sign-off.
Mar 12 Bob Cook "We Heard That Voice Bob passed away Mar 6, 2009, but his voice will live forever.
Mar 12 Radio At It's Funniest WSUI program featuring famous bloopers - aired in 1969.
Mar 16 Ron Edwards Article about Ron by Jim Stimson.
Mar 16 Skip Nelson Added to personality page, profile, pictures and audio.
Mar 18 KGGO pictures 1975 "Go 95" era. Picture of modest console and Smilin' Ted W. Scott.
Jun 01 KSO Girl Watcher membership card 1960 - during Dick Vance era.
Jul 01 FM Stereo Comes to Iowa - re-birth of KDMI in 1964 Memories by Jim Stimson.
Jul 02 KSO's Frank N. Stein Burt Powley - early 60's. Full makeup in the KSO Fishbowl.
Jul 22 Dick Vance's personal picture collection More KSO pictures courtesy of "The Daddy-oh."
Aug 17 KGGO From Top 40 to AOR in 4 days A format switch as remembered by PD Dick Downes.
Aug 24 Dick Vance's personal picture collection part 2 Another set of pictures from "The Daddy-oh"
Sep 15 KDMI Merle Hay Studios 1974 to 2001.
Oct 05 Pictues from Dic Youngs' funeral Pics of KIOA Good Guys and others.
Oct 10 KIOA tribute to the Youngster Played after Dic's passing on October 1, 2009.
Nov 25 KMGK 93.3 switch from Rock to Country November 6, 1984.



Jan 18 WHO-TV Lee Harris Record Hop theme from the early 1960's. Also Lee Harris radio theme.
Feb 16 KIOA Art Jones 1972 aircheck.
Feb 16 KIOA Steve Mathews 1987aircheck.
Feb 16 KIOA composite airchecks from 1991 and 1998.
Feb 16 Bill Riley Talent Search on KRNT-TV Close of show - Sep 1966.
Apr 07 KSO Keeps on Truckin' patch KSO Rock of Des Moines Era -- 1973.
Dec 02 KSO Country Era - 1974-1989 More pictures and articles - Perry St. John and Super Girl.


Mar 19 WHO/WOC Promotional Button Most likely from the 30's while the stations were combined.
Apr 22 KIOA Del Monico Newscast August 2, 1971 -- featuring moon-walk actuality.
Apr 29 KDMG 103.3 Lee Githens doing Classic Oldies - December 1990
Apr 29 KIOA - Bill Shannon Oct 30, 1990, shortly after adding 93.3 FM simulcast to 940 AM.
May 14 KRNT-TV 1968 State Fair Handout schedule with staff pictures and signatures.
May 14 KRNT Baseball Program - 1957 Des Moines Demons.
May 14 KIOA 60's bus ad Amazon Ace - Dick Orkin follow-up to Chickenman.
May 15 KIOA Good Guy Logo Signed by 80's Good Guys at Adventureland studio.
May 15 KIOA Wiliam Seward ad - 1973 Last time someone bought a whole state was 1867 .
May 15 Misc letterheads and logos Various stations .
Jun 20 "Sharon, Oh Sharon" 1963 - sung by KSO's Dick Vance with Dominic and the Dominos- 45 RPM record.
Jul 30 "Away With a Stranger" - KSO Christmas Story Early 70's - John Fitzgerald and Perry St. John.
Aug 16 Reflections from a KSO disc jockey Jim "Woody" Woodard -- early 1950's teen show.
Aug 16 Radio print ads from 1941-43 Des Moines Roosevelt HS yearbook.
Aug 25 Bill Riley Personality Page Pictures and fascinating interview by Grant Price.
Aug 26 More ads and promotional pieces- misc stations thanks again to Cal Bierman.
Sep 07 Don MacKinnon's gravesite photos thanks to his good friend Jack Hayes.
Sep 11 WHO talk radio personalities - 70's 1978 autographed pictures added including Susan Bray.
Sep 13 Duane Ellot and Floppy Autographed picture from the Iowa State Fair -- late 70's.
Sep 22 1978 WOI-TV pictures WOI Building, master control plus "Magic Window" set. Updated Sep 26.
Sep 26 WHO-TV Silver Anniversary ad 1979.
Sep 29 Dic Young's final words on KIOA Original Saturday Night Oldies Show September 29, 2007.
Oct 05 WHO's Van and Bonnie earn Marconi Award Pictures from Oct 4th "Marconi and Cheese Breakfast."
Oct 28 KSO Val Air promos 1962 - Ted Atkins and Johnny Midnight.
Oct 29 KSO Meadowgold Dealer of the Day Sepember 3, 1949 sponsor in-store interview.


Jan 04 2006 inductees announced Iowa RockNRoll Music Association Hall of Fame.
Jan 16 1970's KRNT-TV Station ID slide Shot of color 3D model.
Feb 07 Old KSO picture The Bosley Entertainers -- maybe 20's or 30's.
Feb 11 Dic Youngs' 40 Anniversary on KIOA Highlights from all four hours.
Feb 16 WOI-TV's Gravesend Manor Horror Movie Show Pictures of the cast.
Feb 21 KCCI 1975 Video Clip First use of "timecode" Never aired.
Mar 01 KRNT air personalities at Variety Club Telethon - 1985 Van Harden, Steve Gibbons and Roger Summitt.
Mar 01 KIOA Good Guy pictures from early 80's Steve Mathews, AW Pantoja, Mike Judge, Roger Summitt and more.
Mar 04 Dic Youngs' 40 Anniversary on KIOA Pictures added from Feb 6, 2006.
Mar 23 KCCI interview with Dic Youngs Unedited audio track - KCCI's Steve Karlin with Dic.
Mar 28 Butterworth Tire Jingle Full length classic jingle heard in Des Moines for decades.
Apr 30 Q-102/KRNQ 1991 legal ID Political theme (Gulf War).
Apr 30 KIOA-FM ID - 1974 Shortly after station was purchased and changed from KYNA.
Apr 30 KIOA/KIOA-FM voicers - 1991 Right after switch of 93.3 from KDWZ back to KIOA-FM.
May 12 KDWZ 93.3 - Maxwell and Polly Summer of 89.
May 12 Another Q Morning Zoo aircheck Q-102/KRNQ summer of 89.
May 31 KCBC announcers - 1962 Dan Ross and Jim Hoskins.
May 31 KCBC advertising match book 1947 - featuring "Casey Beesey."
May 31 KDPS FM and TV pictures 1962. 
Jun 13 Two Generations of Radio 1991 picture of Charlie/Kyle Martin and Jim/Chad Michaels.
Jun 24 KRNT air staff pictures from 1986 Radio Calendar.
Jun 24 KIOA air staff pictures from 1986 Radio Calendar and other items.
Jun 24 Q-102/KRNQ pictures from 1986 Radio Calendar.
Nov 14 KDPS and KDPS-TV pictures and articles about move to 18th and Grand - 1958-59.
Nov 16 KIOA May 12 1957 ad Right after May 1 Switch to "The New KIOA."
Nov 25 KYNA 93.3 airchecks Ron O'Brien and Dickie Shannon from 1971.
Dec 03 February 1944 WHO Program Schedule Found at Iowa State Fair by Dennis Moore.
Dec 07 Doug MacKinnon airchek -- WYOO Twin-Cities 1973 One of the other markets that Doug worked.
Dec 10 KYNA 93.3 Promotional Brochure Pictures of Ron O'Brien, John Harding, Dick Shannon, John Pascuzzi and others.



Jan 01 2005 inductees announced Iowa RockNRoll Music Association Hall of Fame.
Jan 29 KIOA's Larry Monroe Personality profile and April 30, 1961 KIOA aircheck.
Jan 30 KMGK Magic Bus Used for station promotions and remotes.
Feb 27 KRNT Paperboy/Weatherman Kelly Sanner We found a 1976 recording -- also hear Kelly in 2003.
Mar 04 KSO Bob Morrison - 1964 Pictures with Dic Youngs, Doug MacKinnon and artists.  Rare aircheck
                                            from brief "1964 middle of the road" format era. They went back to rock that same year.
Mar 07 KIOA Dick Clark Caravan of Stars Ad with artists and KIOA lineup.
Mar 12 Goodyear Blimp Promoting KRNT news personalities Russ Van Dyke, Gordon Gammack.
Mar 12 KIOA jock lineup ad from Jan 1963 with pictures.
Mar 12 Misc. KIOA personality pictures Some great ones from various years.
Mar 12 WHO-TV Don Warren With Dominic and the Dominoes on 60's teen dance show.
Mar 19 More Dic Youngs pictures With various artists, Hal Moore and Ed Roberts from KSO.
Mar 19 More Doug MacKinnon pictures Added to his personality page.
Mar 24 Link to KWMT audio items from Deane Johnson The original Dr. Don Rose KWMT audition tape.
Mar 25 Cal Stout airchecks From WHO 67, KIOA 72 and KRNT 73.
Mar 29 Radio Personality Time Line New on Personality Page - researched by Bob Ogburn.
Apr 06 106.3 becomes "The Bus" DM Register article about format change to new fad format.
Apr 07 KIOA Night Hawk Klub Russ Lavine Hawkeye Nightline membership card - 1961.
May 20 More KWMT Material Brochure, pictures, music and news formats, Peter "Rabbit" Mclane.
May 20 1970 North High School Ad for KFMG Featuring Ron Sorenson.
May 21 KCCI Time Capsule Program - January 1980 "A Day in the Life of the TV-8 Newsroom"
Jun 04  KWMT "Onederful" jingles - 1962 Excellent example of The Johnny Mann Singers Jingles.
Jun 04  KCCI News ID with Molly Cooney video 1983 From "TV Ark" British site.
Jun 04  WHO-TV ID 1982 From "TV Ark" British site.
Jul 08  KIOA Good Guy Steve Heefner Pictures with other KIOA personalities of the 59-60 era.
Jul 08  KDPS-TV-ll Kadipus Land Button for members.
Jul 08  KCBC "Someplace Special Promotional button.
Jul 08  KCBC 1954 pictures Tom Gruis and vintage KCBC equipment.
Aug 01 Another Tom and Jerry Picture Great Country KSO - 1980's.
Aug 01 KSO Rate Card June 1979.
Aug 01 KSO 's 6th Great Country Concert Printed promotional piece from 1979.
Aug 01 WOI-TV Fall 1990 Lineup Anchors Dennis Douda and Bettie Cross on cover.
Aug 20 Jeff Stein promoting "Making Waves" at the Fair Jeff with Jim Zabel and Dic Youngs.
Aug 21 Rare Don MacKinnon airchecks KEWB-1961 and KFWB-1965 just before he was killed.
Sep 05 KIOA at 1960 Iowa State Fair Don Hinson, Doug MacKinnon, Ray Carney and Steve Heefner.
Sep 18 Des Moines Register Radio/TV Page Items from December 10, 1962.
Sep 27 KIOA Airchecks Sep 30, 1964 Sandy Shore, Hal Moore, Bob Burlingame and Phil Thomas.
Oct 03 Russ LaVine's last regular Hawkeye Nightline and a sign off indicating the possible end of KWDM-FM 93.3.
Oct 15 KIOA's Lee Western - 1959 Survey sheet, promotional items, theme song, jock lineup from that era.
US Senate Floor Tribute to Constable Bill Bailey (Lee Western) April 27, 2005
Nov 07 WHO Iowa Barn Dance Frolic More history and pictures from Country Music Showcase International.
Nov 25 Frosty Mitchell Photo Collection Late 50's KIOA pictures from Frosty's collection, Walk from Ames." and more.
Nov 29 1947 KCBC going on the air promotional tabloid Published by the Mutual Broadcasting System.
Dec 03 More Jim Michaels pictures Jim at KIOA and KCBC and with other local personalities.
Dec 12 Aircheck - Jimmy Wright KRNQ July 1992 Includes the jingles and production for that era.



Jan 02
2004 Inductees Iowa Rock n Roll Hall of fame.
Jan 30
KRKQ Classic 98.3 Jingles Very short lived format - 2000.
Jan 30 KVJZ "Smooth Jazz V-106.3 Jingles Replaced by "Hip Hop - 2003.
Feb 07 Polk Co Historical Society Presentation about Jan 11, 2004
Feb 21 KRNQ Q-102 "Q Morning Zoo Outstanding morning show from 1988-93.
Feb 22 Lee Martin at WHO 1986 Iowa State Fair pictures.
Mar 04 Q-102 memorabilia from a young fan - Chad Greenland.
Mar 15 Smokey Smith Pictures and audio provided by Smokey.
Mar 17 KBIG 740 Khz "The Des Moines radio station that almost was"
Mar 20 Mid 60s' City Directory ads for KIOA WHO and WHO-TV.
Apr 10 KRNT award winning novelty Clark Thompson Furniture spot - mid 70's.
Apr 10 KRNT sexy spot for Love Oil Barb Chase turning on the heat - 1978.
Apr 17 Infamous KIOA "High Hoopers" Basketball Jingle On KIOA jingle page.
Apr 17 KYNA 93.3 Pams Series 39 Jingles 1971- misc radio stations page.
May 16 Early Bill Riley Pictures KRNT Party Line, etc.
May 16 Early KRNT personality pictures Includes Marilyn May.
May 16 Russ Van Dyke Picture Gallery You'll see the famous weather map too.
May 17 More KRNT radio and TV pictures From the 40's to the 60's. "Uncle Dan Funny Paper Man."
May 17 Ralph Powers and Cartoon Capers KRNT-TV 1955.
May 17 1940s combination KRNT/KSO farm programming ad KRNT and KSO were co-owned until 1946.
May 21 Making Waves - Jeff Stein's book on Iowa Broadcasting Ray Dennis and Steve Gibbons interview Jeff on KRNT.
May 28 Historic Des Moines Radio People Luncheon Hosted by Dick Vance - May 28, 2004 - Pictures.
Jun 15 A Salute to Ronald Reagan 2 Programs hosted by George Davison aired on WHO June 6 and 11th, 2004.
Jul 04 KSO 1970 Gwinsound Jingles Switch back to rock - also jock cuts for Perry St. John, Walt Reno, Jim Michaels
                                           and Bob Beers.
Jul 04 KRNT Image Voicers From 1975-76. Done by a big voiced Brad Crandall.  Jock cuts.  Weekend cut still used today.
Jul 05 KSO 1972 Gwinsound Rock of DM jingles Also jock shouts for Ron Ross, Cassey James, Jim Beam, etc.
Oct 23 KIOA blazer pocket patch Worn by KIOA personnel and given to listners - 1975.
Oct 23 KCBC 1390 "Try a Little Softness" ads Des Moines Tribune.
Oct 23 KDPS-TV 11 "KaDiPus Club" When Des Moines Independent School District owned channel 11.
Dec 23 WHO Polka Players 1950 picture postcard sent to a listener.
Dec 23 KIOA Ronn Pepper and Doug MacKinnon with Miss Iowa -- early 60's.
Dec 24 More Don MacKinnon material 1961 KEWB program schedule brochure.



Jan 03:  2003 Iowa Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Inductees announced Press release.
Jan 05: 
WHO-TV "It's WHO We Are" jingle Mid 80's.
Jan 08: 
"Small but Mighty" The KCBC story, in words and pictures.
Jan 13: 
More KCBC pictures Interior shots of current KBGG site (formerly KCBC).
Jan 14: 
1985 TV-8 "Snowbusters" certificate A timely addition to the site.
Jan 21: 
WHO Radio personality pix from the 80's Van and Connie - etc.
Jan 21: 
Very 1st KIOA music survey - May 24, 1957 Also Nov 4, 1957.
Jan 21: 
More Don MacKinnon items 45 RPM record by his 5 1/2 daughter plus more pictures.
Jan 22: 
WHO RCA condenser microphone presented to Ronald Reagan in 1981.
Jan 23: 
WHO picture gallery lots of pictures from 50's and 60's courtesy of Engineer Fred Kuntz.
Jan 26:  12 midnight kickoff of WHO's 50th anniversary in 1974 Includes "Young" George Davison doing news.
Feb 03:  KRNT cut-in from 1977 Variety Club Telethon Joe Lombardo and Ray Dennis at 3:30AM.
Feb 06:  Long lost Dick Vance KSO Jingle Mark Braun had a copy.
Feb 08:  More KSO jingles 1959 CRC series 11 and 1964 Studio 10 series.
Feb 08:  KSO high school pep jingles Both KSO and KIOA had pep jingles.
Feb 09:  Audio from KWDM 1150khz - 1951 Les Paul and Mary Ford promos.
Feb 09:  KSO Fadin' in Fadin' Out 70's personalized Tommy Overstreet song.
Feb 10:  KIOA Jim Michaels aircheck Aug 18, 66 - includes Chickenman promo.
Feb 11:  KSO Country voicers - 1979 Great Country KSO was #1 at the time.
Feb 17:  KFMD to KDMG to KFMG Pictures from an era of many changes at 103.3FM
Feb 23:  1974 KDMI 97.3Mhz brochure Program schedule and primary coverage area.
Feb 23:  KSTZ Star 102.5 Flood of  93 Montage of events used as promo.
Feb 23:  KSO artist voicers Pick hit intros and promos from early 60's.
Mar 01:  WHO-TV personalities from the 80's Several pictures added.
Mar 01: 
Bill Riley "Hey Bob" Show 1949 program. Many pictures added plus more story.
Mar 01: 
The $10 KSO Jingle Package Great for a good laugh - on Audio Oddities page.
Mar 20:  KIOA 215 KEO Newsroom pictures Mid-80s from Steve Dahlman
Mar 20:  Pope John Paul II Visit - 1979 WHO reports from histoic event.
Mar 24:  KSO Promotional Rock n Roll LP with jock pictures - early 70s.
Apr 12:  Parts from 1930s KRNT transmitter Originally used at the old North Field site.
Apr 21:  KRNT-TV News Staff -- 1960 Presidential election night "Kennedy/Nixon." Russ with hair!
Apr 24:  Audio Glimpse into 1963 KSO Top of hour jock intros and "Big Story News" intro/close.
Apr 25:  1966 KDMI 97.3 Jingles Dick Vance ownership era.
Apr 25:  1963 KSO Johnny Midnight drop-in cuts.
Apr 29:  1969 WHO station promos Don Warren, Roy Foxx, Jim Zabel, etc.
May 04:  W E L L ! Famous signature of Chickenman announcer as heard on KIOA
May 15:  KMGK Reunion May 3-4, 2003 - desccription and picture.
May 17:  KJJY Gulf War Image Jingle Also Jam Productions jingles from same era.
May 29:  KSO Great Country Stereo Sticker Des Moines only promoted AM stereo station.
Jun 10: KSO Survey Sheet Jan 4, 1963 Show's Dick Vance's "Sharon Oh Sharon."
Jun 10: Don Bell show close jingle Full version.
Jun 12: Back of KSO Survey Sheet Jan 4, 1963 Some fun pictures.
Jun 15: KSO Dick Vance written music policy - early 60's 9 pages of direction from "The Daddyo."
Jun 22: KIOA Gold Brick from a late 1950's station promotion.
Jul 02: Legendary KIOA 940 jingles montage The KIOA jinges everybody remembers.
Jul 09: Spot for Youngsy's Pizza 1969 Dic was in the Pizza business for a while.
Jul 10: KSO"All American" music survey January 1965 - shows jock lineup.
Jul 27: Tom Read WHO & WHO-TV Newsman late 50's and early 60's. Story and pictures from that era.
Jul 27: 
KSO George Gregg Pre Top-40 and Top 40 ads and articles.
Jul 28: 
WHO Mitchellville transmitter Information updated.
Aug 02:
KWKY Doc Lemon morning jingle 1959-60. Doc replaced Don Bell in morning drive.
Aug 03: 
KIOA Pick Hit Jingle - 1961 Rare stand-alone jingle - not part of a KIOA package.
Aug 06: 
Dic Youngs and Bob Hope Early 70's picture from KIOA web site.
Aug 30: 
"Good Guy" Jim Michaels Personality profile with pix and audio.
Aug 30
KIOA Good Guy Reunion Ad - 1990 List of KIOA Good Guys and 1990 lineup.
Aug 30
Billy Cole profile on Personalities page.
Aug 30
KWDM 1150 AM Northern Lights Show intro copy Apx 1950.
Aug 30
Edward R. Murrow note - 1948 Sent to Ford Roberts at KWDM.
Aug 31
Palmer WOC pictures on WHO history page - 1939 and 1956.
Sep 02
Don Bell KRNT-TV Teen Dance Show Pictures from this 1950's classic show.
Sep 03
Doug MacKinnon Induction into Iowa Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Labor Day weekend 2003
Sep 04
Early KWKY Country Survey Sheet 1962- shortly after format change
Sep 04
KWKY Pepper/Tanner Country Jingles Possibly 1st Country package ever produced.
Sep 04
KIOA Pams Series 2 Jingle - 1958 Pams came a long way after that.
Sep 07
1958 KIOA "Color Radio" Recently found acetate discs take us back to 1958.
Sep 12
KRNT Paperboy-Weatherman Kelly Sanner Reunion call - 26 years later - September 11, 2003.
Sep 13
KRNT gives Iowa it's first preview of television Iowa State Fair - 1946.
Sep 16
Two more Jim Michaels airchecks KSO 1971 and KIOA-FM 1973.
Sep 22
WHO "Van and Alumni" Montage 20 guests from the past on Van and Bonnie Sep 2003.
Sep 27
Captain Jack personality profile WHO traffic reporter for 24 years and local businessman.
Oct 11
KIOA's 8th and Keo facility Very few pictures of this studio exist.
Oct 11
KIOA survey sheets added Courtesy of Peter McLane.
Oct 11
KSO - The Whitehall Stations Days "Big Top Radio" and the "All Americans" 1964-66.
Oct 11
Misc KSO Items 1967 rate card, 1974 tape box label, Great Country logo - artist's cut.
Oct 11 Extra 1940's Nielsen Audimeter audience logging machine.
Oct 12
Push for Todd Storz 40 cent stamp A move to commemorate the 1953 birth of Top 40 Radio.
Oct 13
KSO's 550 ft AM/FM tower A picture from the late 40's or 50's with 97.3 FM antenna on top.
Oct 13
Airchecks of 1978 KRNT news staff A few voices on a cold February morning.
Oct 19
KIOA Pams Series 15, 17, 27, 1971 jock cuts, 1972 "Solid Rock" From master tapes.
Oct 19
Article about Press Citizen article about who and what we are.
Oct 22
Pre-top-40 KIOA jingle This is a hoot! Probably from pre-1957 KIOA "Town and Farm" Radio days.
Oct 30
KIOA soon to go on the air December 19, 1947 article about the new 10KW station.
Oct 31
KSO goes on the air in Des Moines November 5, 1932 article.
Nov 09
KWMT acapella sundown sign off jingle Jingle and story of their daytime only operation.
Nov 11
Station timeline updated Call letter change on 106.3 Mhz.
Nov 15
KWMT CRC Series 11 jingles From the Top-40 era (KSO ran the same package)
Nov 18
Don Bell KRNT-TV teen dance show earrings Given to female participants on the show.
Nov 18
KRNT-TV at Iowa State Fair Communications Building in 1950's.
Nov 21
KWMT 1958 survey sheet With Dr Don Rose and Bob Baker "the Record Shaker."
Nov 30
WHO-TV "The Floppy Show"Audio cuts with Duane and Floppy and links.
Dec 03
Station timeline updated 98.3 "Wow FM Talk" changes call letters to KBGG-FM.
Dec 10
WHO QSL Card 1963 reception confirmation - Westinghouse transmitter in use.
Dec 18
KDMI to Live Again Des Moines to get new digital TV station - call letters to be KDMI


June 5: Pictures of early Stauffer Communications days at KRNT/KRNQ - mid 70's
June 11: 1978
WHO studio pictures from 1100 Walnut facility
June 12:
KIOA Good Guy Pictures - appx. late 60's -- thanks to Dic Youngs
June 12: Humorous
KIOA march theme jingle in Audio Oddities section
June 13:
Surfers comments about
June 13: "We're on the air."
Steve Gibbons/Pete Taylor blooper
June 14: "Pachalafaka" and the switch from KWDM to KWKY in 1959
June 14:
Van Harden profile and 1st show at KRNT - Feb 1975
June 16:
Composite aircheck of KYNA 93.3FM 1971. Des Moines had some real Rock N' Roll!
June 17:
Profile and audio interview with Del Hull, former KRNT Program Director
June 18:
Rock montage aircheck 1977 KIOA KMGK KGGO KC14 Q102
June 21: Tuning around on Memorial Day Weekend 1972
June 23: Around the Dial Airchecks and other interesting items from various stations
June 23: Funny KWMT Peter McLane story by Dr. Don Rose in
KIOA section of Radio Stations
June 23: KSO's "Wild Child" Hal Moore doing a crazy promo for Rick Mann in Audio Oddities
June 26: KRNT and DM Register and Tribune's Gordon Gammack - Korean War era
June 27:
KIOA "Solid Rock" image jingle from 1973 - a classic from Pams of Dallas
June 27:
Rare Bill Riley "Hey Bob" KRNT live children's show from Paramount Theatre in 1947
June 28:
Audio Oddities  CW McCall (Chip Davis connection) jock lineup song for KSO's
                               new country format - 1974
July 04: 1
961 KIOA mobile news open and close recorded by Larry Monroe
July 04: Not to be outdone by KIOA here are some early 60's
KSO "Big Red" mobile news intros
July 04: "Radio's Cup of Hot Chocolate" Classic Stan Freeburg cut in Audio Oddities
July 04: Around the Dial  KGGO's Bob Valentine 1978 and John "Rock n Roll" Anthony 1977
July 04:
Around the Dial KGGO 1974 composite aircheck - PD Ted W. Scott
July 05:
"Incidental -airchecks" from KSO and KIOA in 1960 -Dic Youngs, Hal Moore,
                                Dick Vance, George Greg and Skip Nelson - short clips not intended as airchecks
July 06:
Mike Pace aircheck at KRNT 1973 (long before Powerball)
July 06:
John France WHO "Border to Border" Country Music USA - late 70's
July 09:
WHO 1965 era jingles Produced by Ross Productions
July 12:
KSO Series 14 jingle recording session with singers talking between cuts - 1960
July 13:
Audio Glimpse into 1959 KIOA Frosty Mitchell era
July 16:
NBC Chimes Love Song 1930's novelty song in Audio Oddities section
July 16:
Great Country KSO's morning man John Leslie October 1977
July 16:
Picture of KCBC Clock courtesy of Cal Bierman. These clocks were displayed in
                               businesses and theatres in the 40's and 50's - more about KCBC coming soon
July 18:
The End of the Road for KSO 6:00PM September 1, 1989
July 21: Experiencing pauses in audio?
How to improve performance of your RealAudio player.
July 22:
KIOA/KKXI studio pictures from 1986 courtesy of Cal Bierman
July 22:
Pictures taken after last WHO-TV newscast at 1100 Walnut 1982
July 22: KCBC 1390 Windsor Heights Studios - 1976
July 26: Peter McLane Profile and RealAudio Interview KIOA 1963-1977
July 28:
Peter McLane airchecks and pictures added to profile
July 29: In Audio Oddities
KMGK 93.3 "Rhythm of Des Moines" full length image song from 80's
Aug 07: 940 KXTK pulls plug on all sports radio and turns to religion.
From the Des Moines Register
Aug 08: Pictures of KSO in 1947 -- from 25th anniversary book
Aug 15:
Smokey Smith profile with audio added to personalities page
Aug 24:
1969 KRNT composite aircheck - Hal Rogers, Del Hull, Bob Briggs also Bill Riley
                               and George Wylie - also homemade jingles
Aug 24:
1970 KRNT composite aircheck - Steve Gibbons, Mike Murray and Bruce Fisher
Aug 24:
KRNQ-Q-102 Rock In Stereo Jingles from mid 70's. Thanks to Brian Davis
Aug 24:
WHO Iowa Barn Dance Frolic Excerpt from 1982 re-creation
Aug 25:
Pictures KBAB Indianola - 1977 Courtesy of Cal Bierman
Aug 25:
Pictures KEZT Ames - 1986 Courtesy of Cal Bierman
Aug 30:
KSO Walt Reno - from late 1971 - after the switch back to Top-40
Sep 01:
Doug MacKinnon - profile and aircheck on personalities page
Sep 09:
WOI-TV -TV Guide ads and news intro - 1985 George Wylie era
Sep 14:
Russ Levine 1961 mobile news - July 4th safety report, courtesy of Mark Campbell
Sep 14:
KRNT/KRNQ production outtake reel - 1970's - funny addition to audio oddities page
Sep 14: Gene Emerald Picture - 50's and early 50's singing cowboy on
KRNT page
Sep 17: Picture of
Dick Vance, Bobbie Mattson and Walt Reno - Christmas 1959
Sep 18: More KSO pictures, courtesy of Dick Vance on
Dick's Personality Page
Sep 20:
KIOA Chickenman bumper sticker on KIOA page. "He's everywhere, he's everywhere!"
Sep 25:
KIOA/KDWZ Pleasant Hill Studio pictures Early 90's, courtesy of John "Bosco" Kosobucki
Sep 25:
1987 - KIOA is first digital AM station in the World See the DX-10 prototype and read about it
Oct 09:
KIOA 940 goes on the air April 25, 1948 Des Moines Register ad.
Oct 10:
KSO 1968 "Sturdy Box" promotion December 30, 1968 Des Moines Register ad.
Oct 10:
More KIOA survey sheets In survey section on KIOA page.
Oct 10:
More KCBC memorabilia on KCBC page.
Oct 10:
KRNT Great Songs and Great Memories logo and hand fan on KRNT page.
Oct 15:
KSO-Tom and Jerry Profile More pictures. Courtesy of Dennis "Jerry" James.
Oct 18:
Mark Brandsgard Collection Survey sheets from KIOA/KSO 1970-73
Oct 19:
Early 70's cable TV Des Moines rates and channel lineup on TV page.
Oct 19:
KSO main page Newspaper ads and bumper stickers added.
Oct 20:
1985 Dic Youngs aircheck Dic was really cookin' that night!
Oct 20:
KIOA Sandy Shore On KIOA reunion page. From 1988 Good Guy Reunion.
Oct 20:
More Good Guy Reunion audio On KIOA reunion page. From first reunion in 1985.
Oct 21:
Sep 1957 KIOA survey sheet On KIOA sureys page. Shows "New KIOA" jock lineup.
Oct 23:
Old 8th and Pleasant KCCI building Pictures of exterior and KRNT Theatre.
Oct 24:
KGGO/KDWZ transmitter site fire - 1989 See pictures on KGGO page.
Oct 26:
WOI-TV Channel 4 test pattern also TV 4 Register ad - on WOI-TV page.
Oct 26:
Magic Window promo piece on WOI-TV page.
Oct 26:
Des Moines Register radio sked from early 50's bottom of main radio staion page.
Nov 03: KWDM 93.3Mhz first of many stations to occupy 93.3.  View program schedule.
Nov 04: KMRY ad from 1985 KCBC 1390 became KMRY "Memory."
Nov 11: More KCCI items 1983 program log and Dolph button.
Nov 11: KEZT Cal Stout Ad 1980's - on DM radio stations page.
Nov 22: KCCI News Team Large picture from late 70's. Most people identified.
Nov 22: KCCI newsroom and set with explanation.
Nov 22: KCCI Staff in front of CBS Hollywood Bob Day, Don Sears and Bob Ogburn.
Nov 24: Jim Michaels aircheck -KCBC 1971 Yes, Jim was there for a short time.
Nov 24: KSO Great Country jingles 1974 - Gary Wade aircheck plus Curtis King picture.
Nov 27: K-93 Country promo - 1986 Still KMGK - just before the switch to KKXI.
Nov 27:  Iowa Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame opening its doors in Arnolds Park Saturday Jan 25, 2003.
Dec 05:  Des Moines Tribune radio lisings June 7, 1966.
Dec 05:  Des Moines Tribune TV listings June 7, 1966.
Dec 05:  KRNT-TV 8 goes all color with local news Feb 6, 1967.
Dec 09:  Bob Williams Dialing for Dollars WHO-TV newspaper ad.
Dec 09:  Mary Jane Chinn KRNT-TV popular host - newspaper ad.
Dec 09:  Duane Ellett and "Floppy" items added to WHO-TV page
Dec 10:  KIOA song parody jingles from 1960-61.
Dec 10:  A Tribute to Walt Reno Profile, pictures and audio.
Dec 11:  KFMG free form rock Ron Sorenson and others, apx 1970. Pictures and audio.
Dec 11:  KXTK switch to KPSZ "Praise 940" September 3, 2002. On radio stations main page.
Dec 12:  You know you're an aging DJ when... Humor from Steve Lager of KCIY, Kansas City.
Dec 19:  KMGK 93.3 TV jingle - TV spot soundtrack from1984.
Dec 27:  1978 Iowa Public TV Pictures on Main TV page.
Dec 27:  1974 KCCI pictures on KCCI page.
Dec 28:  "Zelda Oh Zelda" KIOA Good Guy takeoff on Dick Vance's "Sharon Oh Sharon."
Dec 28: 
1960 KSO jock pictures Ad congratulating East High graduates (on KSO main page)
Dec 28: 
1956 KSO airstaff 2 years prior to Top-40 switch (on KSO main page)
Dec 28: 
1961 KSO jock schedule A dynamite lineup (on KSO main page)
Dec 29: 
WHO Farm Department magazine ads from mid 1970's
Dec 30: 
Numerous WHO Radio Pictures and Program Log from late 1970's
Dec 30: 
WHO-TV Anchors late 1970's



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