KIOA and KSO Music Surveys

Thanks to Mark Brandsgard, who was a Drake University student in the early 1970's, we have a representative sample of music survey sheets from KIOA and KSO during that time. Mark provided approximately 60 sheets in all, but it isn't practical to present them all here.

What we have is a number of the station survey sheets that show the different styles used, even during this short window of time. There are also some sketches of the KSO jocks that were printed on the back sides of some of the survey sheets.

The sheets came in various sizes, shapes, colors and printing quality.

By the way, Mark settled in the Des Moines area and works for the Iowa Legislature.



January 6, 1970

August 31, 1970

February 9, 1971

February 22, 1971  back-promoting Cal Stout


April 23, 1971

Strange promotion back of survey for April 23, 1971. Can anybody help us figure this out?

November 11, 1971 inside

March 22, 1972 inside back

August 16, 1972 inside back

KSO Jock Sketches

Perry St. John Perry passed away on February 27, 1999.

Cazzy James

Robb Roberts

Jay William Drake William Synhorst, 51, passed away October 11, 2002.


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