KSO's Tom and Jerry
"The Breakfast Flakes"
by Ray Dennis

Dennis "Jerry" James & Tom Collins


Tom and Jerry entertained Great Country KSO listeners from 1978 until 1988 with such antics as "Dr. Ed Whiskey," "Crazy Animal Stories," "Crime Fighters Notes," and other regular features.

Original Breakfast Flakes Box

Later Version of Breakfast Flakes Cereal Box

The Breakfast Flakes did a lot of remotes, many from unusual places.

Remote from KSO Billboard

Remote from hospital

Remote from bed (they slept in that morning).

Remote from Grant Wood Billboard

Tom and Jerry with Governor Robert Ray

Tom and Dolly What does Tom have his eyes on?

Tom and Jerry relaxing outdoors.

Tom and Jerry Bumper Sticker

Tom and Jerry Say goodbye after a phenomenal 10 year run on Great Country Stereo KSO. (Summer 1988-exact date not known) Tom and Jerry going off the air was, for all practical purposes, the beginning of the end of the KSO Great Country era and in 1989, the demise of the KSO call letters.


Tom and Jerry Airchecks.


End of the road for KSO
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