KSO early days in country format

The station switched from Top 40 to a traditional country format in the Spring of 1974. New TM jingles with the "Great Country" theme were put on the air.

Yours truly, Ray Dennis, joined the KSO staff just days after the switch coming from a Top-40 format station, KSTT in Davenport. I didn't know "diddly squat" about country music. When I reported in to Program Director Perry St. John to do my first show, I was informed that Johnny Tillotson would be sitting in with me (my airname Gary Wade). What a break that was. I was able to fake my lack of knowledge of country music by having a country star/expert on with me.

Gary Wade 1974

The control room housed the Collins 5,000 watt transmitter and you can hear the transmitter blower in the background along with the teletype machine which was located in the tiny newsroom, just off to the side of the control room.

Gary Wade soon went into morning drive and stuck around about 7 months before leaving to work for the new owner of KRNT/KRNQ. The airname was retired at that time. John France took over the air slot, later to be followed by John Leslie and Tom and Jerry. For a short time, Gary Wade and Ray Dennis were listed in the newspaper radio schedule at the same time on the two different stations.

Here's a picture of Curtis King, who did mid-days and the music for the station. Curtis was extremely knowledgeable on country music and made up for Gary Wade's lack of knowledge.

Curtis King 1975



KSO TM Great Country Jingles

Gary Wade (Ray Dennis) Morning Drive July 17, 1974

Thanks to Cal Bierman for the Curtis King picture and jingles

July 17 cut from the Bob Ogburn collection


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