KSO - Phil Thomas
Theme Song Jingle - 1962

In the early 60's Phil Thomas worked with Dic Youngs, Hal Moore, Burt Powley, Dick Vance and others in the "Fishbowl" studio at 19th and Ingersoll. At that time, it was popular for jocks to have long personalized jingles that served as theme songs. At that time, several of the KSO guys had these jingles which they had to pay for themselves. They were $100, which was a lot of money for those young guys at that time. This particular jingle had been used by Rex Miller at KIOA in 1957, but Rex had moved on and Phil was able to have it produced by CRC (Commercial Recording Corporation). Phil later migrated to KIOA and was later WHO-TV news director.


 Phil Thomas jingle


Courtesy of Phil Thomas

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