KSO - Owned By Whitehall Stations

KSO was acquired by the Whitehall Stations group in 1964. The group actually owned only one other station, WTAC in Flint, Michigan. The air personalities took on the identity of the "KSO All Americans" and their promotional materials reflected that. Then, they purchased the Pepper/Tanner "Big Top" jingle package and the theme of the Big Top, or Circus was portrayed. Whitehall only owned the station for two years and sold it to Stoner Broadcasting, a local Des Moines company in 1966.

Here are some miscellaneous items from that era. We are still looking for a copy of the KSO Big Top jingles.


KSO Carousel Club membership card

KSO coverage map with Big Top logo

Advertising promotional piece

Jock Schedule - September 1964

Bob Morrison 1964 Pictures with the jocks and artists, plus a short aircheck.


PDF Files
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Whitehall KSO station policy

Programming policy from PD Peter Cavenaugh This must have been Doug MacKinnon's copy as his name is written on it.

KSO joins UPI audio news network


Items courtesy of Peter McLane


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