KSO - Bob Morrison 1964


Shortly after Whitehall Stations purchased KSO in 1964, the format was change abruptly to "middle of the road" music. This format lasted only a few months and the station turned back toward Top-40.

Bob Morrison was a member of the air staff during this period of transition. He worked both formats. Below, we have a short portion of an aircheck from the middle of the road period. The aircheck depicts the soft tone of the station as Bob closes his evening program.

Also, we have pictures of Bob, along with Dic Youngs, Doug MacKinnon and various artists, taken at a concert. Doug had just joined KSO after departing KIOA. According to Doug MacKinnon, the concert was not sponsored by KSO, but by KIOA. As the story has been told, the KSO jocks crashed the concert with their blue "All American Blazers" and the crowd was overwhelmed to see the KSO jocks at a KIOA function. Apparently, KIOA management was not impressed. Ad for KIOA Dick Clark Caravan of Stars.


KSO Bob Morrison closing his show in 1964 during a very brief Middle of the Road format era.

Fabian, Dic Youngs and Bob Morrison

Doug MacKinnon, Dic Youngs, Bob Morrison and the Rip Chords

Doug, Mike Clifford, Dic and Bob

Bob, Gene Pitney, Dic and Doug

Bob, Gene Pitney, Dic and Doug
(note the "All American" KSO insignia)

Bob, Doug and Dic with the Jelly Beans



Thanks to Bob Morrison and Bob Ogburn for the pictures and audio


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