KSO Music Survey Sheets 64-65
With notes by David Craft
"Top 40 Radio 1955-1975"

The week ending May 1, 1964. This survey points up Top 40 radio’s inherent diversity.  Along with Chuck Berry, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Lesley Gore, and Major Lance, there are hits by Andy Williams and Louis Armstrong.  Note the song listed at No. 40 – recorded by Lucy and younger sister Carly.


The week of September 11-18, 1964. Note the No. 8 record here by Gene Simmons.  The birth name of the bass guitarist for the rock band Kiss was Chaim Witz.  He took “Gene Simmons” as his stage name in tribute to this rockabilly singer.


The week of January 1-8, 1965. Elvis Presley turned 30 on January 8, 1965.  Though he has no single on this particular weekly chart, he would notch a No. 3 national hit later in the year with his cover version of “Crying In The Chapel.”  Also, note the station’s shameless plug for its jocks at the No. 36 entry.


Courtesy of David Craft

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