KSO Des Moines Register Ad
December 30, 1968


Stoner Broadcasting had recently acquired ownership of KSO and consequently ran this full page ad in the Des Moines Register to promote their staff and a promotion called the "KSO Sturdy Box." We don't know exactly what the "Sturdy Box" campaign was all about, but the ad shows the KSO staff standing on the boxes touting the station as "The Big One." The station's format was "Middle of the Road."



KSO staff supported by "Sturdy Boxes"

"Sturdy Box" billboard
(Stoner also owned the billboard company)

Hank Harmon - morning drive


Bob Beers - mid-days

George "Skip" Nelson - PM drive

Bill Quirk - evenings

Glenn Bell - General Manager

See Overview of entire ad

Ad courtesy of Peter McLane



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