KSO - Pictures from 1947
by Ray Dennis

Drawing of transmitter building at 3900 NE Broadway

These pictures, courtesy of Peter McLane, were taken from a 1947 book, published to commemorate the 25th year of broadcasting for KSO. The book featured pictures of the facilities, staff, network stars and activities of the station. KSO was the local CBS affiliate at that time.

The transmitter was at the present location of KXNO at 3900 NE Broadway and the studios were in the Farm Bureau Building, at 10th and Grand Ave. The studios were moved to 1910 Ingersoll in the 1950's.

The station was nearly ready to put it's FM transmitter on the air at 97.3 on the dial. The FM operated from 1948 until 1956. 97.3 was later occupied by a new station, KDMI in 1960. Ironically, the KDMI call letters were moved to 1460 khz in 1994.

This writer used to visit one of the pictured engineers, Orrie Miller, or Uncle Orrie as we called him, while he was on duty at the transmitter in the early 1960's.

Visit 1947 KSO

The Cisco Kid was one of the programs heard regularly on KSO at that time.



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