KSO Jingles


Jingle recording session for KSO Series 14 from 1960, complete with the singers chatter between cuts. This early 60's series has been called the beginning of modern radio station jingles and featured Alvino Rey on the steel guitar. Pams products were considered the Cadillac of radio station jingles. Both KSO and KIOA used them at various times.


CRC Series 11 "Millon Dollar Music" 1959 - used again later in the 60's.

KSO high school pep Jingles this set is not complete. KIOA had similar jingles. An interesting observation is that the KSO logo on these jingles has a close resemblance to the later used "Yours Truly KIOA" logo.


KSO 1970 Gwinsound jingles. The return to top-40. Hear jock cuts for Perry St. John, Jim Michaels, Walt Reno and Bob Beers.

KSO 1972 Gwinsound "Rock of Des Moines jingles. The station later purchased some Jodie Lyons "Solid Rock" cuts. Jock cuts for Ron Ross, Charlie Walters, Perry St. John, Cassey James, Jim Beam, J. William Drake (Bill Seinhorst), G. David James.

KSO TM "Great Country" jingles.  Nobody knows what happened to the master tape.  These are from a cart tape found in the station attic.

KSO "Fadin' in Fadin Out" personalized Tommy Overstreet song - late 70's.


Jingles Courtesy of Dave Johnston, Bill Shannon and Bob Ogburn.


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