KSO - 1967
Bob Briggs - 16 years old


In the mid 1960s, the KSO studios were moved from "The Fishbowl" at 19th and Ingersoll to the transmitter site at 3900 NE Broadway.  When the station made the move, the old late 40s equipment was moved to the transmitter site. It was several years later that new equipment was installed.  

Bob Briggs got into radio at a very young age and is seen here at age 16.

It was quite common for the jock to read news too, especially on night and weekend shifts. This usually meant "ripping and reading" the news directly from the wire service with little time for preparation.  In many cases, the jock also did minor engineering duties too.  This was a great way for a young person like Bob to learn various aspects of the business.

Bob got interested in radio at a very early age, having his own low powered phono oscillator transmitter and even an acetate disc cutter at his home.


Bob Briggs at RCA Board

Bob Briggs at KSO RCA board


Bob Briggs reading news in KSO newsroom

Ripping the news from the wire


Courtesy of Bob Briggs

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