Exclusive Interview
Dick Vance
"The Daddy-oh of the Radio"

Dick Vance
from KSO Survey Sheet


Dick Vance was the program director of KSO from 1958 into the mid 60's and was responsible for launching KSO's Top 40 format and promoting the station to the point of taking KIOA, the other Des Moines Top 40 station to task. Actually, many call it the "War Between the Stations." We will have more biographical data and items from those exciting days at KSO as this site develops.

At this point, we have an exclusive audio interview with Dick by's Ray Dennis, recorded on May 23, 2002. Total length about 25 minutes.


Part 1 - Introduction, how it all started and stories about the personalities

Part 2 - The Sweater Girl, how the music was picked and promotions

Part 3 - The news, Big Red, what Dick is doing now and conclusion

Written KSO Music Policy as mentioned by Dick in the interview.


Short Dick Vance aircheck from 1960

KSO "Morning Mayor" jingle that Dick mentions in the interview. plus a jingle used on his 7 to midnight show prior to the station going full time Top 40 in 1958.

KSO Dick Vance jingle used for Dick's nighttime show prior to KSO switching to full time Top 40 in 1958

Another Dick Vance theme jingle - "Everybody in the know" (from Mark Braun)


Read more about Dick Vance and his induction into the Iowa Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame

KSO Music Survey Sheet from November 30, 1962

KSO Sweater Girl. Survey sheet courtesy of Phil Thomas.


KSO "BIG Red" mobile news intros - early 60s

Pictures Provided by Dick Vance

Dick Vance with Walt Reno and Bobbie Mattson

Dick Vance Sitting on 50,000 pounds of ice

Jan and Dean with KSO DJ's at Val Air

Getting ready to scuba dive at Lake Okiboji

Story of KSO Sweater Girl picture

More from Dick Vance's personal picture collection

Dick Vance (Alvin R. Blookburg Jr.) passed away January 9, 2014 at age 88.


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