KSO - 550 ft AM/FM Tower
and unexpanded transmitter building
3900 NE Broadway
by Ray Dennis


Shortly after KSO and KRNT were split and KSO was sold to Kinsley Murphey in 1944, the transmitting facility was moved from it's shared site with KRNT at SE 22nd and Park Ave to 3900 NE Broadway. A new building was constructed, along with a 550 ft guyed tower which was to be used as an AM radiator and hold an FM antenna at the top for KSO-FM, which went on the air on 97.3mhz in 1948. Because a second tower was required for KSO's AM directional nighttime operation, a shorter, self supporting tower was moved from the SE 22nd site to NE Broadway. The foundation for the short tower is still visible at the KRNT site. KSO-FM went off the air in 1956 and in 1961 KDMI began operation on 97.3mhz.

The old FM pylon antenna remained on the tall tower for many years, but was removed, along with a couple hundred feet of the structure after Stoner Broadcasting purchased the station in 1966. Stoner had planned to put TV channel 17 back on the air (KGTV left the air in the mid 50's) and operate it from the Broadway site. This never materialized. In 1971, when Stoner purchased KFMG 94.9mhz, a new FM antenna was mounted on the tower, but not at the height of the original structure. KFMG became KGGO in 1975. Today, it is still in place as KGGO's backup antenna.

Bishop pools installed a swimming pool in front of the building during the Dick Vance era in the early 60's. The pool is still there but has not been used for years.

KSO studios were moved to the site in 1964 and an addition was put on the building in the 1980's. Today, KXNO 1460 AM transmits from the two towers at 3900 NE Broadway along with KGGO's backup transmitter. Presently, the building's studios are not in use.

3900 NE Broadway as seen in the 40's and 50's


Courtesy of Peter McLane

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