KRNQ - 102.5 Mhz (Now KSTZ)
"The Q Morning Zoo"
by Ray Dennis

Lee Martin, Julie Johnston and Mick Trier

From the fall of 1974 until 1984, KRNQ ran an automated Top-40 format created by programming George Burns for TM Productions of Dallas, TX. KRNQ or Q-102 as it was called, went live in 1984 and in September 1988, the Q Morning Zoo started. The original lineup was Lee Martin, Julie Johnston and Mick Trier. The Q Morning Zoo was loaded with humor, antics and the group was quite involved in public service. The show was extremely successful and it created high ratings for the station. Julie got married and left the area in 1991 and was replaced by Kelli Foxx. Lee Martin left in 1993 when the station format was changed and KRNQ "Q-102" became KSTZ "Star 102.5." Later, Jonathan Drake carried on with a morning show on Star 102.5 with Kelli and Mick.

One of the characters heard on the Q Morning Zoo every Friday was "Mr. Angry," played by Cornell Fowler.

Lee Martin left the broadcasting business in 2001 and is now a staffing recruiter for Lockheed Martin Corporation, and lives in Philadelphia. Both Julie Johnston and Kelli Foxx live near Minneapolis with their husbands. Mick Trier is still in the Des Moines area.

Q Morning Zoo Billboard from Spring 1989.

$5 Dollar Bill Givaway Promotion Fall of 1988.

The First Q Zoo Food Bank Drive 1988.

"Dare the Q Morning Zoo Week" Tricycles & bibs - bobbing for beef tongue.

Combat Hunger 1992 Lee Martin lived for three days up on billboard.

Horseback on Locust Street For some reason, Julie was on a donkey.

Q-102 Staff Cover of Hitmaker Magazine January, 1992.

Lee Martin Buried Alive - March 22, 1990 DM Register article.

Winning the Breeders Cup 1989 DM Register article.

Summer Ratings - 1991 Article by Dave Rhein - PDF file


Audio From the Zoo


Iowa Aircheck - August 17, 1989 - Iowa State Fair time.

Mr Angry August 19, 1989 - heard every Friday (voice of Cornell Fowler)

Aircheck from Spring 1990

Another Fair Time 1989 aircheck from Chad Blake




Pictures, audio and articles courtesy of Leo Oberto (Lee Martin)

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