KMGK - 93.3 Mhz
Reunion - May 2003


This is how Lee Githens described the weekend:

Great time was had by all that attended. In attendance was Al Brock, Michael T, Randall Scott, Steve Dahlman, Carole, Steve Mathews, Roger Summit, and KMGK salesman Andy Roat and of course myself. I picked the guys up from out of town Friday, May 2nd and we all went downtown for a tour of the Clear Channel Stations,
then believe it or not, we went to the infamous 215 Keo!! Sam the Janitor still works there and let us upstairs through the locked doors to see exactly where our old studios were. It was vacant or else that would have never happened, given us free reign and all.......great memories in that place. Steve Mathews and Roger Summit
joined Al, Michael, Randall and myself at Damons in the early evening that Friday. We then went to eat at the Iowa Beef Steakhouse....the out-of-towners just had to eat there!! More sightseeing Saturday, then back to Damons for Dinner Saturday night where we were joined by Steve Dahlman and overnight sensation....Carole.

Great seeing everybody and we hope to do it again real soon. We hope to tie in both KMGK and Kioa next time to make it a huge event. I'm attaching a photo....

Randall Scott, Steve Dahlman, Carole, Al Brock, Michael T, Lee Githens




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