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Peter McLane

Peter McLane 1966

One of the most fascinating times in KIOA's history and certainly the longest sustained period of success for the station was the Peter McLane era. One could also dub it as the "KIOA Good Guy Era."

KIOA had immediate success in 1957 and well into the early 60's, but some of the excitement had waned and strong competition was present from Dick Vance and KSO. On February 26, 1963, the studios at 5th and Park St burned to the ground.

KIOA "the hottest station in town"

The station signed on the air the next morning from the transmitter facility near Hartford (the Hartford Hilton) and things were miraculously back pretty much to normal by noon of that day.

"The Hartford Hilton"

A few months later, Peter McLane joined the station from KWMT in Ft. Dodge as the KIOA afternoon drive air personality.He later was appointed Program Director and led the station through an exciting rebirth and continued building of KIOA's success as "The Rock n Roll Station for the State of Iowa."

On July 24th, 2002, Ray Dennis, of did a 47 minute audio interview with Peter. The interview, appropriately, was recorded in the KIOA studios. Cal Bierman was the engineer. For your convenience, the interview is divided into five segments.

Peter McLane Interview


Segment #1 9:55 min

Segment #2 9:42 min

Segment #3 7.20 min

Segment #4 11:51 min

Segment #5 7:55 min

Peter McLane Theme Jingles


KIOA Pams 1964

Pams Series 3 used by Peter prior to KIOA

CRC Series 11 1961 - used at KWMT


Peter McLane Airchecks


Peter McLane May 27, 1967 (Jim Johnson on the start)

Peter McLane and Del Monaco 1973

Peter McLane Memorial Day Weekend 1972

Peter McLane introducing "The Fabulous Flippers" - a popular regional band (YouTube link)


Peter McLane Pictures

Peter at Blank Children's Hospital - 1964

Peter assisting in the recording of a PSA

KIOA Peter McLane "Max" promotional bus 1973


Peter McLane while at KWMT, Ft. Dodge Funny story told by legendary Dr. Don Rose. Don's home page.



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