Lee Western - 1959

Lee Western was one of the early "New KIOA" air personalities and was there in 1959. He was kind enough to provide with some nice items. Lee's real name is Milton Odom Stanley, but he has gone by the name Bill Bailey for many years, first in radio and he is presently a constable in Houston, Texas. Constable Bill Bailey's website

KIOA Top-50 Survey Sheet September 26, 1959 featuring Lee on the back.

KIOA Hooper Survey May-June 1959 Look at those numbers!

KIOA Goes Western promotional piece.

1959 jock lineup promotional piece with pictures From advertising representative Large PDF file.
(requires Adobe Reader)



Lee Western theme jingle CRC 1959

The box that the jingle came in. KIOA mis-spelled



Above items courtesy of Lee Western (Constable Bill Bailey)

Salute to Constable Bill Bailey Senate Floor Speech
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
April 27, 2005 -- Page: S4392


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