KIOA Music Survey Sheets 64-65
With notes by David Craft
"Top 40 Radio 1955-1975"


February 9th was the Sunday night the Beatles made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.  The survey sheet shows “I Want To Hold Your Hand” at #1 while “She Loves You” is at #20 and “Please Please Me” is at #45.  Clearly it was just the beginning of what would become Beatlemania.


The Beatles have four spots in the Top 10.  Compare this survey with the first one for the week ending February 8, which had just one Beatles single in the Top 10.  This April ’64 survey was published about two months after their debut on The Ed Sullivan Show.  Clearly, Beatlemania was in full swing at this point. 



Note that the pick album of the week is by legendary pedal steel guitarist Pete Drake.


The reverse side shows several of the station’s on-air personalities pictured with some of that era’s pop stars. 


How is it that Phil Thomas often seems to be standing next to a good-looking woman?




Courtesy of a friend of David Craft

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