KIOA 940 and KIOA-FM 93.3 Oldies Jingles
Late 80s and Early 90s


These KIOA IDs and jingles are from the period after KIOA made the 1986 switch to all oldies and into the era in 1990 when KIOA started simulcasting the 940AM programming on 93.3 FM.


KIOA 940 Oldies Jingles with classic KIOA logo JAM Productions Be Cool Series - 1980s.

KIOA 940 Oldies Jingles with Updated Logo - JAM Productions Be Cool series.

KIOA AM/FM Oldies ID after the start of simulcasting on 93.3

KIOA Jingles with Voicesovers apx 1990 - 93.3 added for simulcast


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