An Audio Glimpse into 1959 KIOA
by Ray Dennis


We have found that there is a lack of recordings of local radio in the late 50's. Recording airchecks didn't seem to be a priority with the DJs of the day, the equipment was more difficult to work with and sometimes involved going through proper channels to ask a union engineer to do it.

What did survive were some ETs or electrical transcriptions. These were acetate based disks, or records, upon which the radio stations recorded commercials, jingles, promos and other items for delayed broadcast. Most radio stations had a record cutter or lathe as they were called. The residue that was cut out of the groove was like a bunch of coarse hair and had a distinctive smell that one associated with the production studio. Although the disks have become scratchy, in some respects they are more durable than tape and have survived for our enjoyment.

These recordings were provided by John Puff of Keller, Texas. John is a friend of 1959 KIOA era's Bobbin Bob Allen. Bob later went on to Dallas, Texas. Bob is mentioned on a news intro and his voice is on some of the production.


We now glimpse into 1959 KIOA, where the studios are located at 5th and Park Avenue in the old Tromar Ballroom, across from Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Frosty Mitchell is the program director and Bob Betts is news director.


KIOA News Intro for Bob Allen

KIOA "Copy Cat Kit" promo.  Frosty Mitchell. This was probably prompted by KSO and KWKY entering into the Top 40 format competition. KSO had begun to claim some rating numbers, the beginning of the "war between the stations" as told on the Dick Vance audio interview.


Number One Song Intro and KIOA "Name it and Claim it" promo.

KIOA Russ Levine Mobile News Promo - Russ later housete "Hawkeye Nightline' on KIOA and later on KWKY and KDMI.

KIOA "Kookie Hat" promo

"My Mommy Listens to the New KIOA - It's the thing to do"

es KIOA Tongue Tangler Contest promo


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