KIOA at the Fair
Communications Building


Although the Iowa State Fair Communications Building was originally designed to house the three VHF local TV stations when originally built in the mid-50's, within a very few years, two of the three TV station studio/theatres were used for other purposes. KRNT-TV was the one that hung on the longest, but they too eventually gave up the building space. Starting in 1959 and for several years, KIOA occupied the far north TV studio/theatre. During the fair, they took an audio board, turntables, music, jingles and commercials to the remote location. Since the station had no cart machines, commercials and jingles were played from acetate transcription discs. Note that there were four turntables to handle all of the material.

Left to right, Don Hinson (with turban), Doug MacKinnon and Ray Carney
Steve Heefner on board


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