Doug MacKinnon
by Ray Dennis

Doug MacKinnon 1968

Doug MacKinnon started in radio as an engineer for KIOA in 1953. His father-in-law, Lyle Nolan was one of the people who built KIOA in 1948. Lyle was chief engineer of the station for many years.

Lyle Nolan in 5th and Park studio

Doug helped his brother Don get into the business and Don became one of the most famous DJs of all time. See Don MacKinnon profile.

1958 Doug and Don MacKinnon in front of soon to be KIOA studios

Doug was quite an entertainer himself and went on the air as a combination announcer/engineer from the KIOA transmitter at Swan, Iowa (near Hartford) doing the all night show. Doug took some liberties and had a very comical program that many a teen stayed up at night to hear. He did a number of voices and the element of the unexpected was always present on his shows.

"Scared Spitless" An account of a possible close alien endounter in 1959 at the KIOA transmitter.

Later, Doug did various shifts on KIOA, including morning drive. He left KIOA in the mid-60s. He also worked for KWKY, KJJY and for KRNT doing afternoon drive in the late 80's. Doug also worked in a number of other markets including Indianapolis, the Twin Cities and Denver.

In the fall of 2000, Doug was guest host for Dic Youngs on the KIOA Original Saturday Night Oldies Show while Youngsy was out with an illness. We have some highlights from that night. Doug made some comments that evening that will give you more insight into his career.

Doug MacKinnon 2013


Doug MacKinnon on the "Original Saturday NIght Oldies Show" with Ray Dennis

One of many laugh tracks that Doug used on some of his funny bits (called gizzes back then)

Tribute to Doug MacKinnon promo May 11 2020 Pure Oldies 104.5 Des Moines Radio Group


More Doug MacKinnon Pictures

Over Labor Day weekend, 2003, Doug was inducted into the Iowa Rock N Roll Hall of Fame at Arnolds Park

Doug accepting his award - Sept 2003

Doug passed away on May 4, 2020

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