Don MacKinnon


The late Don MacKinnon (Doug's Brother) was part of the original "New KIOA" lineup in 1957. He was to become one of the greatest Top 40 radio personalities of all time.

Don MacKinnon KIOA Late 50's

Don was born January 2, 1934 and raised in Yonkers, New York. He worked at KIOA Des Moines, KDEO San Diego CA, KROY Sacramento, CA, KABC Hollywood CA, KEWB Oakland CA, KLAC and KFWB Los Angeles CA. Don Imus has been quoted to have said that he was inspired to go into radio by listening to Don MacKinnon.

Don was killed in June of 1965 at the age of 32 when his car went over a cliff in Malibu, California.

No known KIOA airchecks of Don exist. By the way, we also have a Doug MacKinnon profile on the site.

1958 Doug and Don MacKinnon in front of soon to be KIOA studios


Don's grave and and the view from there.


Don MacKinnon "New KIOA" promo 1957 or 58

Don in KEWB program schedule - May 1961.

Don MacKinnon at KEWB San Francisco July 4, 1961

Note how Don played around with the pronunciation of words. This is what got him fired from his first radio job at KWDM 1150 in Des Moines. From KWDM, he went to the "New KIOA."

The following two airchecks were obtained by from Don's daughter "Little Diane" through his brother, Doug. Diane is the little girl on the airchecks.

The Reel Radio Top 40 Repository site has portions of both of these airchecks posted, but these are longer, unedited versions.


Don MacKinnon KEWB San Francisco 1961

Don at KFWB 1965 just before he was killed in an automobile accident in Topanga Canyon

Picture of Don at KOWH Omaha - between gigs at KIOA (he was at KIOA twice). KOWH has been called the birthplace of Top-40 radio. Actually it was at another Storz owned station in New Orleans, but KOWH played an important role in developing the format.

Don and the rest of the new KABC lineup date unknown.


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