KCCI 80's Newsroom
and Studio Pictures


These pictures were taken by George Wylie's son Eric, in the early 80's. George had invited Eric down to the studio to watch his dat work and take a few pictures with his little 110 camera.

Here are a few comments about the pictures from Eric:

"The photo of the old Apple computer is significant because it was used to create the first computer generated, direct to air, maps used for the weather segments.

The edit controller controlled to two 3/4" Sony BVU edit decks. Monsters, but the "cutting edge" of the time.

I have an idea that it took them longer to clean off the newsroom desk than it did to take that picture! (comparing the color photos of the newsroom to the B/W staff photo)

The "ceiling" in the studio pictures was a popular camera trick of the time. The "ceiling" was a wheeled cart with the ceiling designed in wood and plexi-glass with a light suspended above it. Point the camera through it (better than I did) and it created the illusion that there was a beautiful, stylish ceiling above the news set. It was used for the open and close of each newscast."


KCCI Newsroom and Studio Pictures

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