KCBC - 1390Khz

"Small but Mighty" the KCBC Story.

Tabloid sized going On-The-Air promotional piece from the Mutual Network - 1947.

Early KCBC program log form

1975 KCBC Calendar Courtesy of Cal Bierman.

KCBC coverage map from sales materials. Courtesy of Cal Bierman.

KMRY ad -- 1985 KCBC became KMRY "Memory Radio" when John Enoch purchased the station. Courtesy of Larry Vavroch.


Jim Michaels aircheck - 1971




KCBC Des Moines Tribune proofs "Try a Little Softness Ads" We will need help dating these items. Courtesy of Cal Bierman.





KCBC "Someplace Special" button. Courtesy of Cal Bierman.


Tom Gruis pictures from 1954.

KCBC announcers - 1962 Dan Ross and Jims Hoskins PDF file. Courtesy of Dan Ross.

KCBC match book featuring "Casey Beesey" - 1947. Courtesy of Dan Ross.

KCBC sales management thanks a sponsor and asks for more business in the process.


KC-14 "The Album Station" Michael Meacham Remembering


1390 Khz has been deleted for the Des Moines area

The 4 tower 1390 directional array has been dismantled and one tower remains for KBGG. See pictures from today and yesterday in "Small but Mighty," the KCBC Story.

KBGG 1700 Khz is the offspring of the original KCBC

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