Original Saturday Night Oldies Show

The original Saturday Night Oldies Show came about in the early 80's when the KIOA format had evolved away from Top-40 and the music was quite tame. The oldies format was to come along later in the 1980's. Dic had been off the air, selling advertising for the station. Although, Dic eventually went back on the air full time doing mornings on the "Dic and Del Show," For a number of years, his only on the air outlet was "The Original Saturday Night Oldies Show." The show represented the only real Rock n Roll on the station and the only time that the legendary KIOA jingles were played.

The show was an instant hit, and to this day, still generates high ratings for KIOA.

We have part of an "Original Saturday Night Oldies Show" from the Spring of 1985. Dic was really cookin' that night!


1985 Dic Youngs Original Saturday Night Oldies Show

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